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Booster Juice menu prices featuring 63 items ranging from $5.26 to $50.33

Booster Juice is a Canadian chain of juice and smoothie stores, which specialise in a wide range of smoothies which are made using pure juice. They are also known for serving excellent fruit sorbets, frozen yoghurt, frozen fruit, and fresh yoghurt. The company’s stores are open for lunch and dinner and offer a fresh and healthy alternative to many other fast-food chains.

Booster Juice menu prices featuring 63 items ranging from $5.26 to $50.33

How many of you know about Booster Juice, the brainchild of Alberta-native Dale Wishewan? Be ready for a tale! Born and raised in Waskatenau, Dale embarked on a journey across the United States, only to discover the popularity of juice and smoothie bars. A futuristic thinker, he recognized a potential market gap in Canada, and oh boy, he wasn't wrong! The successful venture of Booster Juice, with its massive fan base, is a testament to his foresight. Its first store opened in Sherwood Park, Alberta, back in 1999, and the speed of growth was simply phenomenal. By the end of the first year, Booster Juice had mushroomed into 15 locations!

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Where did I spot Booster Juice stores?

A prominent presence across five countries, namely Canada, the United States, India, Mexico, and the United Arab Emirates, Booster Juice has almost 400 locations serving up their delicious menu. Traversing the Canadian landscape, I found that the lion's share of their establishments is in Canada, and their roots are deeply spread across all 10 Canadian provinces and 3 territories. They managed to pull off a record for setting up franchise stores in Canada, launching over 50 in their first two years!

Skimming through their menu, their known speciality is, of course, refreshing smoothies, juices, and speciality shots. But they don't stop at that. They also dish out an enticing range of paninis, wraps, energy bowls, and choco snacks. Here are some tantalising treats that caught my attention:

  • Chipotle Chicken Panini – Grilled chicken, oozing cheese, chipotle sauce, crunchy peppers, and onions on a bed of fragrant focaccia bread
  • Chicken Quesadilla Wrap – Sundried tomato tortilla, stuffed with sumptuous grilled chicken, melted cheese, tangy salsa, capsicum, and onions
  • Tuna Wrap – A delightful medley of tuna, spinach, cheese, crisp celery, and creamy mayo

Booster Juice caters for allergies

If you, like me, worry about allergens in your food, Booster Juice has you covered. They have a fantastic filtering system-gone are the days of our eyes straining through endless ingredients! For instance, if you wish to dodge peanuts, simply exclude peanuts from the filter, and voila! The list will include exclusive peanut-free items. While the online menu is a guiding star, it's prudent to have a chat with your store before placing an order. Complete nutritional information is accessible on their website.

Craving Booster Juice delivered to your doorstep?

Absolutely! You get to relish their mouth-watering dishes from the comfort of your home. I savoured a tropical storm smoothie on my patio, watching the stars. How cool! However, delivery options vary from store to store, so make sure you check out the provisions of your local joint.

When can you walk into Booster Juice?

Their typical hours of operation stretch from 7 AM to 10 PM, serving customers all week. But it's always safer to cross-check with your branch or their website as the timings might vary. They have branches located in unique locales like shopping malls, universities, and sports complexes, so the operating hours and delivery options are subject to change.

Boosting Spirit sans Alcohol

No, Booster Juice doesn’t spike their drinks. They specialize in a wide range of smoothies and frozen yoghurts. If you are not a smoothie or fro-yo fan, you can resort to their selection of fountain drinks and bottled water.

Dairy-Free at Booster Juice?

If you are lactose intolerant or planning a vegan diet, their alternatives are pretty enticing — all the smoothies can be made dairy-free with coconut water replacing milk. Need more details? Ask your local branch or check the nutritional information on their website.

While there's a mix of gluten and non-gluten items, you need to choose wisely. Here are some of their gluten-free smoothies on the menu:

  • Coco Crush - A tropical burst of coconut water, pineapples, bananas, and coconut
  • Tropi-Kale - A green goodness of kale coupled with sweet mangoes, bananas, and a hint of apple and pineapple
  • Unbeetable - A refreshing blend of beets, carrots, strawberries, mangoes, and apples
  • Wildberry Rush - An irresistible fusion of strawberries, blueberries, apples, coconut water, and a pinch of basil

Should you have any concerns, consult with your local branch or the company's website for comprehensive nutritional information.

Can you gift Booster Juice to your loved ones?

Certainly! Who wouldn't love receiving a Booster Juice gift card? I still remember the grin on my friend’s face when she opened up her gift to find one.

Vegetarian delight at Booster Juice?

Abundant! Booster Juice serves up many vegetarian-friendly options. They have an Italian Crumble Plant Wrap that is mouth-watering and packed with goodness. The wrap is loaded with plant-based sausage crumble as a viable meat alternative, and is laden with bell peppers, onions, spinach, and pesto, served on a focaccia flatbread.

Can vegans have their share too?

Yes, absolutely! Booster Juice offers several choices for their vegan patrons. Their Unbeetable and Wildberry Rush smoothies are a delight, as is their range of freshly squeezed juices. They also serve Açai Energy Bowl, Sweet Greens Bowl, and Chocolate Chip and Chocolate Crunch Booster balls that are made with vegan-friendly ingredients. Note that some plant-based wraps are served here, but they do contain eggs and dairy, ruling them out for vegan customers.

What I experienced at Booster Juice:


  • Wide variety of refreshing smoothies, juices, and specialty shots
  • Accommodating to diet and allergen restrictions
  • Easily accessible locations round the globe
  • Convenient delivery options
  • Great vegan and vegetarian choices


  • Timing and delivery options varies across stores
  • Some healthy items like wraps aren't completely vegan
  • Allergy filtering system is online, not in-store

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Booster Juice is a Canadian chain of juice and smoothie stores, which specialise in a wide range of smoothies which are made using pure juice. They are also known for serving excellent fruit sorbets, frozen yoghurt, frozen fruit, and fresh yoghurt. The company’s stores are open for lunch and dinner and offer a fresh and healthy alternative to many other fast-food chains.


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