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Goodys menu prices featuring 173 items ranging from $1.50 to $18.99

Goody’s Burger House is the largest and most popular casual dining restaurant in Greece. They specialize in burgers, wraps, appetizers, salads, and sandwiches, serving lunch and dinner. There are over 127 locations in Greece alone, plus other locations around the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and other countries, totaling over 140 locations.

Goodys menu prices featuring 173 items ranging from $1.50 to $18.99

So, there I was in the heart of Athens, Greece, hungry and looking to satisfy my voracious appetite when I stumbled upon Goodys Burger House. Now, Goodys isn't just any casual dining restaurant but, a delightful burger joint that's open for lunch and dinner. They have a reputation for specializing in all things glorious namely burgers, sandwiches, appetizers, and salads.

Let's talk numbers for a moment. Goodys is a proud champion of being the largest casual dining restaurant in Greece, boasting of more than 127 locations across the country! But that's not all, they also have other locations scattered across the globe, in countries like Australia, Saudi Arabia, Armenia, Albania, North Macedonia, Russia, the UAE, and Kosovo. Who knew burgers had so many global enthusiasts, right?

And when it comes to trailblazers, no one beats Goodys. It was 1973, a sunny day in Thessaloniki when Goodys introduced Greeks to the world of hamburgers, thus becoming the largest burget joint in Greece. Would you believe it if I told you that they serve around 100,000 customers per day?

The secret behind the success of Goodys and their ever-expanding customer base can be attributed to their dedication to adding variety to their menu over the years with not just tasteful burgers but also introducing sandwiches, wraps, appetizers, desserts, and salads. To top it all, they owe it to their secret recipes for their patties and buns that keep patrons wanting more.

As we speak, Goodys is expanding its wings, opening more locations worldwide, particularly in the Middle East that is keen on embracing the Goodys experience.

What sets Goodys Burger House apart?

I was fascinated by Goodys' history. Starting from the humble beginnings as the first burger joint in Greece in the early 70s, today they are the largest in the country. The differentiating factor is their secret recipe for their patties and buns. They cater to the unique flavor palette of Greeks and use edam cheese and even allow you to customize your burger with your preferable ingredients and sauces. Now, that's what I call a hearty treat!

Moreover, Goodys commitment to using the best ingredients earns them a special mention. They source their beef and chicken from top-notch suppliers in Greece, ensuring that their patties are 100% pure and their vegetables are always fresh. Talk about top quality, huh?

Another aspect I enjoyed was their constant evolution. Goodys loves changing up the menu and dining experience based on changing customer preferences. Their additions of vegetarian and vegan dishes to their menu and making over their restaurant interiors to ride the contemporary wave is testament to this.

So, what's on offer at the Goodys Burger House?

Though Goodys Burger House may have a large menu, the crux stays the same - delicious variations in toppings or ingredients. Check out the categories on offer:

  • Burgers
  • Bao Buns
  • Appetizers
  • Fries
  • Sauces and Extras
  • Club Sandwiches
  • Salads
  • Signatures
  • Chicky’s and Wraps
  • Pasta
  • Junior
  • Drinks
  • Desserts
  • Deals and Combos

The jewel of the Goodys menu are their burgers. Here, you get to choose from 11 different burgers, and even decide your toppings: Regular, Extreme, or Loaded. Besides the standby attractions like the Hamburger or Bacon Burger, they have unique offerings like the Hangover, which has bacon and egg and also the Veggie Burger. But the fun doesn't end here! There are 18 different extra ingredients to choose from and a range of sauces including BBQ, vegan mayo sauce, and Thai sauce. Now, that's a mouthful!

Besides their classic range of burgers and appetizers, they also offer unique dishes like bao buns and club sandwiches, but the special mention goes to their Greek-centered dishes such as their gyro pork wraps and the secret Greek recipes used for their patties and burger buns.

A vegetarian-friendly spot?

If you're a vegetarian, don't fret. Goodys might not have a designated vegetarian menu but they have a multitude of vegetarian and vegan options. Whether it's the Veggie Classic Burger, Vegan Burger, Bao Bun with Grilled Vegetables, Quinoa Salad, Mama’s Salad, Pasta Napolitana or Vegan Nugget Meal, there's something for everyone. Plus, they are totally open to you customizing your order. So feel free to add or remove ingredients, veggies, and sauces to your burgers, sandwiches, or salads!

Absolutely! The Junior menu at Goody's is designed for kids in mind with options like Junior Meal Chicken, Junior Pocket Ham, Junior Meal Pasta Napolitana, Ham and Edam Cheese Toast, and Junior Vegan Nuggets (6 pcs.). Meals come with a drink of choice and a surprise gift. True to form, they've also partnered with brands to provide surprise toys in the Junior meals such as Looney Tunes, Shrek, and Dragon Ball. How cool is that?

So, when can you drop by?

Goodys is open for lunch and dinner and is typically open from 12 noon to 12 midnight. However, the timings may vary a bit in some locations. I'd recommend you to check the timings of the nearest Goodys before you head out.

Do they deliver?

Yes! Goodys delivers, making it jaw-droppingly easy for you to enjoy your favorite burger in the comfort of your home. Simply place your order through the official website or through third-party delivery partners in your location.

My Pros and Cons from my Goodys Experience


  • Wide range of menu options
  • Provided multiple vegetarian and vegan options
  • Use of quality ingredients
  • Option to customize your order
  • Excellent customer service


  • Restaurant can get really noisy during peak hours
  • Waiting time for takeaway orders can be improved

So if you’re looking for a truly Greek burger experience, Goodys is the place to be! Visit their official website for more information about Goodys Burger House and its indulgent menu.

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