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Harveys menu prices featuring 122 items ranging from $1.59 to $12.89

Harvey’s is a fast-food restaurant chain based in Canada. They specialize in Angus burgers, fries, poutine, and traditional Canadian fast food cuisine. There are almost 300 locations all over Canada, with some of the branches merging with Swiss Chalet, known for its rotisserie chicken.

Harveys menu prices featuring 122 items ranging from $1.59 to $12.89
Have you ever been to a restaurant that had you relishing every second of your dining experience? Well, hopping across Canadian townships, I stumbled upon just the place – Harvey's. While Harvey's might seem like your typical fast-food joint, trust me, it's anything but! I should probably mention this fun fact right off the bat - Harvey's has been a pivotal part of Canada's fast-food culture for more than 60 years now. Trust me when I tell you, hardly any Canadian hasn't had their first taste of fast food at Harvey's. With approximately 290 locations throughout the country, the chances of you running into one Harvey's or another are pretty high. Harvey's was the first introduction most Canadians had to the world of fast food, having opened its doors way back in 1959. Talk about standing the test of time! From its humble beginnings in Ontario—thanks to the visionary founders, George B. Sukornyk and Rick Mauran—Harvey's has managed to lead the pack in the great Canadian burger race. I mean, they didn't just introduce the concept of fast food; they brought the beloved combo of hamburgers and fries to the Canadian masses! But what's even cooler is that they were also one of the pioneering chains to offer custom burgers. You know, made just how you like it – a truly delightful experience, really. Being referred to as the 4th biggest burger chain in the country, and considering its Canadian-owned and operated stature, there's no denying that Harvey's has firmly etched its name into the fabric of the nation. But if you want to dig deeper into the history and the mouth-watering menu of Harvey's, why not head on over to the official website?

Why Harvey's Stands a Cut Above the Rest

My journey through Harvey's wasn't just another day in a fast-food diner. If anything, it was a trip down foodie heaven with some glimpses into a beloved national legacy. With nearly 300 outlets, the sheer ubiquity of Harvey's might already make it a home name to most Canadians. What makes Harvey's really stand out, at least for me, is their dedication to quality and variety. Forget your run-of-the-mill cheeseburger - at Harvey's, I had the option to build a burger to my exact specs – totally personalized to my exact taste and, get this - diet preferences. Yes, they cater to that too! Expect a lot from a place that brought fast food to our doorsteps and continually serves us memorable meals for over six decades, right? Harvey’s lives up to every expectation with their commitment to fresh, 100% Canadian Angus beef for their burgers. It wasn’t just the beef though John, they had something for everyone, even vegetarian options. More on that in a bit! Fun Fact Alert! Harvey's is more than just a burger joint. It happens to be a sister concern of Swiss Chalet, another national icon best known for its succulent rotisserie chicken and heartwarming comfort food offerings. Because of this, many Harvey's outlets are combined with Swiss Chalet outlets, effectively giving customers an expanded menu to enjoy. So, you can have your burger, and eat your chicken too all in one fell swoop!

HARVEYS Menu Prices

At Harvey’s, variety is the spice of life and food alike. Even though their burgers are their main attraction, they have plenty more up their sleeves, from wraps and chicken sandwiches to salads and delectable sides. Here’s a quick rundown of what you stand to find on the Harvey's menu:
  • Burgers
  • Chicken
  • Wraps
  • Salads and Hotdogs
  • Poutines
  • Snacks and Sides
  • Dipping Sauces
  • Frozen Drinks
Now, as enticing as their menu was, the experience of having my burger made right in front of me was unlike anything I had ever seen. From the moment you place your order, the grill masters work untiringly to make sure your patty is grilled to perfection. And please don't even get me started on how the warm, freshly baked buns marry so well with every juicy patty. And it doesn't stop with the burgers - you should definitely not miss out on their chicken sandwiches and wraps too! The soft cluck (pun intended) of the tender chicken cradled within a crispy outer layer had my heart singing hallelujah. Don’t miss out on their remarkable sides, including classic fries, well-seasoned onion rings, a variety of salads, and, for all the sweet tooths out there -- pies and donuts! Top it off with a sinful frozen drink to wash down all that goodness, and you've got yourself a meal to remember. Every menu has its stars, and Harvey’s is no exception! Here are the most recommended items that'll give you the best Harvey’s experience:
  • Original Angus Burger

The Original Angus Burger is the true star of Harvey's. The star-studded diva that made this humble joint a national treasure, it comprises a 100% Canadian Angus patty lovingly adorned with fresh lettuce, tomato, and options to add cheese, bacon, and mushrooms– all topped with a dressing of your choice.
  • Crispy Chicken Sandwich

If beef doesn't butter your biscuit, then the Crispy Chicken Sandwich was crafted with your palate in mind. Starring a crispy breaded chicken filet nestled on a toasted bun with a slice of juicy tomato and bright, fresh lettuce and your choice of sauces – I mean, what could possibly be better?
  • Poutines

Una cosa divina – a heavenly ordeal in the form of Poutines. Fries spectacularly crowned with a variety of toppings including cheese, bacon, and mushrooms and smothered in melted cheese. Need I say more?
  • Milkshakes

And saving the sweetest for last with Harvey’s milkshakes. An ice-cold glass of deliciousness is an ideal way to complete a Harvey’s meal. Nothing beats their flavour-packed milkshakes, made with real ice cream to give it a rich, irresistible texture.

Vegetarian? Harvey’s Got You Covered!

This just in – Harvey's isn't only for meat lovers. The variety at Harvey's stretches to even cater to vegetarians, and they've got quite an array of meat-free options on their menu:
  • Veggie Burger

Mingling with meat-eaters does have its perks, I guess. Harvey's Vegan burger is a crowd favourite, featuring a soy-based patty laced with carrots, peas, and soybeans under a sky of fresh lettuce, pickles, onions, and sauce of your choice.
  • Onion Rings

Deservedly tooting its own horn, Harvey's onion rings are not to be missed. They come out crispy, light, and perfectly battered – I'm not drooling, you are!
  • The Lightlife Burger

If you're a fan of clean eating and have cut out soy from your diet, the Lightlife Burger from Harvey's should be right up your alley. Sporting a plant-based Maple Leaf Lightlife patty made with wholesome pea protein and beets, this 3.5-ounce soy-free, GMO-free, and gluten-free patty should tickle your fancy.

A Special Treat for the Tots at Harvey's

And hey, let's not forget the young ones. Harvey's definitely hasn’t! They've got a kid-friendly menu that delivers solidly on variety and fun. Each kids meal comes with a Junior drink and fries, perfectly portioned to satisfy tiny tummies. The usual suspects in the Harvey's kid's menu include
  • Kid’s Junior Burger Combo
  • Kid’s Junior Cheeseburger Combo
  • Junior Crispy Chicken Combo
  • Kids Chicken Nuggets Combo
  • Kids Grilled Hot Dog Combo

When Does Harvey’s Serve Up Amazingness?

Harvey's, being the iconic joint that it is, serves both lunch and dinner. My local Harvey's usually opens its doors bright and early at 10:30 am, and usually calls it a day around 10 pm on weekdays and extends till about 10:30 pm during the weekends. However, with over 290 spots all over Canada, the operating hours might vary depending on your location, so a quick check on your nearest Harvey's would be wise.

Hunger Pangs but Can’t Get Out?

No worries, Harvey's wouldn't let you go hungry. They offer both takeout and delivery options. Placing an order is just a click away if you visit their website or download the Harvey's app. Alternatively, they collaborate with third-party food delivery services, such as Doordash, Postmates, Grubhub, Ubereats, and Seamless. Of course, availability might vary so do check out your favourite food delivery app if they can bring you Harvey's closer to you!
Harvey's: My Final Verdict


  • Massive variety
  • Custom handcrafted burgers
  • High quality ingredients – 100% Canadian Angus Beef
  • Vegetarian options
  • Made right in front of you – adds a personal touch!
  • Fast and friendly service
  • Family-friendly ambiance
  • Excellent takeaway and delivery service
  • Has options for meat lovers and kids


  • Can be crowded during peak hours - but hey, testament to its popularity, right?
  • Operating hours can vary depending on location
  • Menu can be a bit overwhelming, but that's a good problem to have!
  • I wish they served breakfast too!
To sum it up, whether you’re on a burger pilgrimage, in the mood to shake things up a bit, or just want to sink your teeth into something delightfully different, Harvey’s is a must-visit!

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