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Seasons 52 menu prices featuring 119 items ranging from $2.00 to $69.00

Seasons 52 is a chain of casual dining restaurants in the United States, offering a unique seasonal menu, using fresh ingredients and rustic cooking techniques. There are 42 locations in the US, as of 2018, and are also known for their extensive wine list. Serving lunch, happy hour, and dinner, Seasons 52 is a restaurant that offers something new to discover each time you visit.

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Seasons 52 menu prices featuring 119 items ranging from $2.00 to $69.00

Seasons 52 is a chain of casual dining restaurants in the US that serves lunch, happy hour, and dinner. They specialize in seasonal menu options, offering different food items depending on the season and available local ingredients.

Seasons 52 is owned by Darden Restaurants, which also owns and operates Olive Garden and Red Lobster. The company decided to create a casual dining restaurant that offered fresh ingredients and a floating menu. They also emphasized offering an impressive wine list, with their resident sommelier, Brian Phillips, who travels to different vineyards to hand-pick wines.

The idea came about when Darden Restaurants noticed customers were becoming more conscious about fresh ingredients and healthy cooking techniques. They opened the first Seasons 52 location in Orlando, Florida in 2003, and have since expanded to different states, such as New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Alabama, and California. There are more than 40 locations in the US as of September 2018.

The restaurant’s core menu includes starters, entrees, soups and salads, desserts, and a rich wine list with over 100 bottles.

If you want to know more about Seasons 52 and its floating menu, please visit the official website.

What Makes Seasons 52 Different?

Seasons 52 is a casual dining restaurant that offers a floating menu. This means their menu changes depending on the four different seasons, with ingredients and food items being served to vary based on available supplies. Their seasonal menu is based on the idea that fresh seasonal ingredients offer more natural flavors and would not need flavor enhancers or sauce to be rich and tasty.

The name Seasons 52 is based on the restaurant’s concept of the menu changing 52 times a year. Their wine list of over 100 bottles also includes 52 options that are offered by the glass.

Another unique feature of Seasons 52 is its servings. The restaurant is committed to serving light dishes but packed with flavor and high-quality ingredients. Each item on the Seasons 52 menu does not go beyond 595 calories.

And lastly, the restaurant’s provisions also elevate the dining experience for patrons, as they offer sophisticated services, such as private dining rooms and valet parking. The restaurant puts a lot of detail into the food, and service, and provides a unique dining experience for customers.

Though the Seasons 52 menu is floating and changes 52 times every year, they do have a core menu, which is offered in every location. Some ingredients may vary, depending on the availability of the ingredients as well as local sources, but the standard menu is typically found in each restaurant. The categories for the Seasons 52 menu are as follows:

  • Happy Hour

This includes cocktails and unique pairings such as wine and flatbread. Happy hour is served every 3 - 6 pm every day. To-share items are also offered, such as Avocado Toast, Slow-Roasted Meatballs, and Lump Crab Cake, among others.

  • Lunch

The lunch menu includes Mahi-Mahi Tacos, Wood-grilled Steak Tacos, Naked Cheeseburger, and Grilled Chicken Caprese Sandwich, with Entrees that include Wood-grilled Tenderloin, Maui Tuna Crunch, and other items.

  • Desserts

Seasons 52 offers 18 “Mini Indulgences,” which are desserts offered in shot glasses. These are small offerings of richly-flavored desserts, which include Cinnamon Crumb, Pecan Pie, Key Lime Pie, Turtle Cheesecake, Belgian Chocolate S’mores, Cookies and Cream, and more.

  • Dinner

The dinner menu includes flatbread that is pita-style, featuring a variety of different flavors; starters, and entrees. Some of these include Pesto Chicken and Fresh Mozzarella flatbread, Philly Cheesesteak Flatbread, Rotisserie Half Chicken, Wood-Grilled Filet Mignon, and Wood-Grilled Boneless Rainbow Trout among other items.

It’s important to note that some of these items may not always be available when you visit the restaurant.

Some of the most flavorful, tasty, and nutritious menu items on the Seasons 52 include the following:

  • Grilled Shrimp and Avocado Cocktail
  • Roasted Tomato Flatbread
  • Tomato Cheddar Soup
  • Wood-Grilled Handline Tuna
  • Sesame-Grilled Salmon
  • Salad Roasted Cauliflower Florets
  • Espresso Panna Cotta

The restaurant’s flatbread is popular among patrons, who can order it with lunch, happy hour, and dinner. They are especially favored by loyal customers who pair them with the vast wine selection on offer.

With an emphasis on taste, freshness, and nutrition, you will find that Seasons 52 is one of the casual dining restaurants in the US that offer a distinct vegan and vegetarian menu. Some of the most popular vegan menu items include:

  • Roasted Tomato Flatbread without the cheese
  • Grilled Artichokes with Preserved Lemon Hummus
  • Avocado Toast
  • Roasted Vegetable Gnocchi
  • Field Greens
  • Steamed Leaf Spinach
  • Roasted Garlic Broccoli
  • Fresh Fruit

Please check with the Seasons 52 location near you to check their vegan/vegetarian menu as options may vary.  You can also ask to make variations on the menu items, removing certain ingredients and replacing them with vegetarian or vegan options.

Yes, there’s a kid’s menu at Seasons 52. They are a family-friendly casual dining restaurant that offers great selections for all ages, including family food packages. The items found on the kid’s menu include:

  • Flatbread
  • Kid’s Burger
  • Mac and Cheese

There’s also a soup and entree menu found in different locations.

What are the Opening Hours of Seasons 52?

Operating hours for Seasons 52 may vary but they open for lunch, happy hour, and dinner every day.

Lunch is served between 1130 am to 3 pm, followed by Happy Hour between 3 to 6 pm, and Dinner from 6 pm to 10 pm. Though opening hours may vary depending on the location, Seasons 52 is typically open from 11 am to 10 pm.

Does Seasons 52 Offer Takeout and Delivery?

Seasons 52 offers take-out or curbside pick up but they don’t offer delivery, as of 2023. Darden Restaurants, the company behind Seasons 52, does not offer small-order delivery for most of their restaurants, which include Seasons 52.

For curbside pick-up, you can order online or through the app, pay online, and get your food at the Seasons 52 location near you.

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