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Amys Drive Through menu prices featuring 97 items ranging from $0.50 to $8.99

If you think all drive-through restaurants offer the same unhealthy, cheap and nasty food, think again. Amy’s Drive Through is here to change your mind. The company claims to be the first organic vegetarian fast food restaurant in the United States and is a far cry from your traditional drive-through restaurants.

Amys Drive Through menu prices featuring 97 items ranging from $0.50 to $8.99

I popped down to Amy's Drive Through, renowned for its nutritious, flavor-filled meals, and let me tell you, they’re open throughout lunch and dinner. It was perfect for a quick pit stop to satiate my grumbling belly.

A little surprising trivia for you - Amy's Drive Through wasn't named after any Amy. It was actually conjured up by a dynamic married duo, Rachel and Andy Berliner, who, back in the 80s, had also established the thriving Amy's Kitchen. You can drop by the company's website on this link,, for more interesting insights like these.

Oh, the Places You'll Go (with Amy’s Drive Through)

Till date, Amy’s Drive Through has managed to spread its roots across four exclusive locations in the United States. You'd find them at:

  • Rohnert Park
  • San Francisco Airport (the perfect place for a tired traveler like me)
  • Cort Madera
  • Roseville

Now, the folks over there have big dreams, and they're planning to roll out new stores in the near future. Keep your eyes peeled and visit their website for the most recent updates on new store openings. And hey, who knows? Amy's Drive Through might just land in your neighborhood next!

Here's what sets apart Amy's Drive Through from your usual fast-food place – it's a haven for my green-loving pals! High-quality organic and vegetarian-friendly grub is what they do best, and believe me, they've got some darn delicious versions of classic American dishes. Beyond burgers and mac n cheese, they've got a decent variety of enchiladas and burritos too.

Their two organic burgers are a big hit among customers, and one bite into The Amy Burger will have you figuring out why. Imagine sinking your teeth into a double veggie patty topped with double cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, Fred SR’s, and Amy's mystery sauce. Mmm...

And hey, don’t worry about the drive, they’ve got you sorted with beverages to go and takeout options.

What Makes Amy's Drive Through Stand Out?

What's unique about Amy's Drive Through is its determination to keep your meal preservative, additive, and chemical-free. A pretty refreshing change of course from the traditional American fast-food routine! Their mission is to provide delectable, wholesome food to families on the move, hard-working folks, and us globetrotters who just need a satisfying break. Bringing to your plates, giggling greens, bragging beans, and gabbing grains without any GMOs.

Is Dine-In Available at Amy's Drive Through?

Definitely, you can! If you're like me and love to sit and savor each bite, Amy's Drive Through’s indoor seating is an excellent option. With ample free parking on site, your car's also got a safe spot while you relish your meal. If you're in a bit of a hurry, of course, they do live up to their name, you can drive-in, place your order, and rush back to your escapades.

Organic, did you say?

You're darn right! All dishes on Amy's Drive Through menu are organic. But hey, don't get thrown off if, due to supply glitches, they have to switch in non-organic substitutes. Matters like these are clearly indicated on their drive-thru signs, and if you need further clarifications, reach out to your friendly server!

Vegans Welcomed?

With open arms! This is a principle I absolutely respect about Amy's Drive Through – the ethos that everyone deserves to enjoy their superior quality food. The staff is more than happy to tweak their dishes as needed. Fancy having their signature The Amy burger veganized for a little extra? They've got you covered!

When Can You Visit Amy's Drive Through?

The general operating hours of Amy's Drive Through are from 10:30am—till about 10pm. But don't forget, timings may vary based on the local branch, and it's always good to check in with your nearest restaurant for exact timings.

What type of milk does Amy's Drive Through use?

If you're steering away from dairy, you’ve still got tempting options. All their organic cold and hot beverages (like the coffee I love) are up for grabs with almond milk. They also offer non-dairy shakes, made with almond milk and coconut. Yum!

Any Gluten-Free Options?

Oh absolutely! They’ll whip up their signature vegetarian burgers in a gluten-free bun on request. Or, you could opt for a lettuce-wrapped burger, which cuts down on calories and is gluten-free as well. A win-win, I’d say!

Nope! Amy's Drive Through maintains a strict vegan menu and uses no meat. Yes, some products may have dairy, so if you're on a vegan diet, be sure to confirm at the restaurant. Complete nutritional information is at your fingertips in store.

Does Amy's Drive Through accept online orders?

Hell yeah! Amy's Drive Through simplifies life with their online ordering - skipping the line and delivered just in time, warm and freshly cooked right as you arrive at the store. Ideal when you're rushed for time (like always), and you can leisurely pick from Amy's Drive Through menu in the comfort of your own couch.

What about gift cards?

Most certainly! Share the love with your friends, family, or colleagues with Amy's Drive Through gift cards and introduce them to top-notch, organic, veggie-food goodness. You can snag these gift cards directly from their stores and any of their locations accept them happily.

Is Amy's Drive Through serving the same food as Amy's Kitchen?

No, but let my taste buds assure you; the quality at Amy's Drive Through is second to none. You might remember Rachel and Andy from Amy's Kitchen; they're the fantastic duo behind Amy's Drive Through as well. Although unique to their fast-food chain, the meals at Amy's Drive Through bear the same high standards and taste their famous frozen food counterpart is acclaimed for.

Family-Owned Business?

Yes indeed! Amy's Drive Through is a proud family-owned business, and each store across locations is their home. None of their outlets are franchised, and even though they have significant expansion plans, each of their future stores will be company-owned as well. This ensures that wherever you encounter an Amy's Drive Through, you're guaranteed to get the same dependable, superior quality food.

Pros and Cons of My Amy's Drive Through Experience


  • Quality organic and vegetarian-friendly food.
  • Efficient service, especially for takeouts.
  • Adapts dishes for specific dietary needs.
  • Incredible variety in the menu.
  • Flexible dining options – eat-in or drive-through.
  • Gift cards available for purchase.
  • Online ordering available, super useful when I’m in a hurry.


  • Only four locations currently in the U.S.
  • Some dishes can be a little pricier due to organic components.
  • No meat options - may not cater to all taste preferences.
  • Store opening hours can vary – can be confusing.

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