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Checkers Rallys menu prices featuring 125 items ranging from $0.49 to $29.99

If you want the iconic, good old-fashioned, American drive-through experience – then look no further than Checkers. The perfect blend of all American classics such as hamburgers, hot dogs, fries, and of course – milkshakes. Why deviate from the classics when they are popular for a reason?

Checkers Rallys menu prices featuring 125 items ranging from $0.49 to $29.99

Checker's ethos is to do the classics right and provide good service, and the rest will take care of itself. And, evidently, it has! Checkers has made a name for itself by providing high-quality fast food at standard fast food prices. Why go somewhere second-rate when Checkers does everything better? And often, it even does it cheaper.

Checkers is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner – 7 days a week. Opening times vary from store to store, but they tend to open from 10 am until 2-4 am.

Checkers and Rally's were originally in competition as southern fast food drive-through restaurants operating in the southeast and the mid-west, respectively. Checkers was founded in 1986 and Rally's in 1985. The two joined forces and combined in 1999 and have since ballooned to almost 900 locations across the USA. The group is now owned by Oak Hill Capital Partners, who have successfully grown the blended company without sacrificing taste, quality, or the charm that the original two shared.

You can find out more about Checkers and Rally's history by checking out their website via the link here.

What makes Checkers Rally's so good?

Checkers and Rally's have committed to being a drive-through restaurant. And only a drive-through restaurant. This has allowed them to prioritize speed of service without having to waste manpower managing sitting customers when they can simply be served in their car. The idea of a drive-through fast food joint isn't exactly a novelty idea. But, solely doing drive-through is pretty clever. Checkers uses high-quality ingredients and a comparatively limited menu compared to some competitors to ensure that food comes to the customer quickly, hot, and full of the great flavors that have allowed the brand to cement itself as a major player in the American fast food scene.

Are Checkers and Rally's different restaurants?

Yes and no. While the two did start off as completely separate, even competing, chains, the two have merged into a cohesive blend of great fast food and stellar service. Confusion tends to arise around the fact that Checkers and Rally's both have their branding on their locations. There are 569 Checkers stores as of today and 309 Rally's. While they may have their own personal flair influencing their branding, they have the same interior, the same menu, the same great service, and the same fantastic food. Many people have struggled to wrap their heads around the pairing, and that's okay. It feels like the partnership is simply trademark infringement galore, but feel assured that their partnership is amicable!

Do they do good vegetarian food?

You would like to think that one of America's biggest fast food chains does vegan, or even veggie, food, but unfortunately – no. While there are some okay vegetarian options such as fries, mozzarella sticks, and a decent variety of desserts. No, you can't get a veggie burger. And if you are vegan, you are relegated to eating either plain waffle cones with no filling or soda. If you are strictly vegetarian or vegan, Checkers and Rally's might not be for you. If, on the other hand, you allow yourself to eat meat or animal products as a treat every now and again – you won't be disappointed using your cheat meal at one of the Checkers and Rally's 900 locations!

Checkers and Rallys are known for their American classics, and this is evidenced by their burgers being the heart and soul of their menu. If you are going out for a dainty, small, burger, you are looking in the wrong place. Checkers take pride in providing big, meaty, burgers with plenty of sauce and plenty of toppings. They don't shy away from adding a ton of cheese, and there is more than enough bacon on their Triple Baconzilla to satisfy even the most carnivorous of customers. Additionally, suitable for vegetarians and meat eaters alike, they have a great selection of frozen slushies to help you wash down whatever tasty treat it is you end up eating. Their slushies and fruity freezes are so good that many people hit the drive-through just to grab a cool drink on a warm day.

Can my reward points be used at Checkers and Rally's locations?

Using the reward points system is one of Checkers and Rally's most popular characteristics. It allows customers to save money, track purchases, and explore new menu items, all from their phones. It can be a little confusing since Checkers and Rallys often appear to be separate restaurants, but that is not the case. Their menus, food, and customer service are all identical. This means, yes, you can use rewards earned at Checkers at a Rally's and vice versa. Your reward points cab used to secure an amazing discount on any number of the fantastic food choices at any Checkers and Rally's right across the country. Keep an eye on your app, as there are typically bonus reward days that can result in hefty savings for savvy users!

Can I order ahead for pickup?

Yes! While Checkers and Rally's may be exclusively drive through, this does not stop you from ordering ahead on your phone and then collecting it when it's ready. Many people choose to order ahead on long journeys, so they can grab their food and go without having to wait in line. Ordering must be done through the app or via the Checkers and Rally's website, not over the phone. All orders must also be paid for before you pick them up and must therefore be paid for via card, not cash. Don't get caught out with a massive queue in your local drive-through, order ahead to beat the rush and get your delicious food faster, hotter, and as always – delicious!

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If you want the iconic, good old-fashioned, American drive-through experience – then look no further than Checkers. The perfect blend of all American classics such as hamburgers, hot dogs, fries, and of course – milkshakes. Why deviate from the classics when they are popular for a reason?


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