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Checkers Rallys menu prices featuring 125 items ranging from $0.49 to $29.99

If you want the iconic, good old-fashioned, American drive-through experience – then look no further than Checkers. The perfect blend of all American classics such as hamburgers, hot dogs, fries, and of course – milkshakes. Why deviate from the classics when they are popular for a reason?

Checkers Rallys menu prices featuring 125 items ranging from $0.49 to $29.99

I recently made a visit to Checkers Rallys and boy, was I delighted! The first thing I noticed was their ethos. They do the classics to perfection, couple that with excellent service and it's clear why they’ve made a name for themselves! They offer high-quality food that hits the spot, with prices that don't hurt the pocket. I mean, why settle for less when Checkers delivers such standards at wallet-friendly prices?

Trust me, they're open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, making them the perfect go-to place whether you're craving a filling morning meal or an unforgettable dinner. Depending on the location, it generously opens its doors from 10 am until 2-4 am; catering to all the early birds and late-night cravers.

Here's a little fun fact about Checkers and Rally's: they started off as rival drive-through chains! Rally's was founded in 1985 and Checkers a year later, in 1986. In 1999, they decided to combine their strengths and have since grown to a staggering 900 locations all over the USA. Oak Hill Capital Partners now owns the combined entity and they've magnificently grown it without compromising on the gastronomical quality or the old-world charm that made both brands so popular.

Go ahead and have a look at their wonderfully portrayed history on the Checkers Rally's website.

Why do I think Checkers Rally's is awesome?

Let me share with you my favorite thing about this place. It's a drive-through. Yes, just a drive-through. You won’t find any seats inside or outside. This unique model enables them to focus more on speedy service. It's clever if you ask me. They use the best ingredients and keep a simpler menu compared to their competitors: a strategy that helps them serve up their meals quickly, hot, and with flavors so great, it's easy to understand how they've carved a niche for themselves in the fast-food industry of America.

Is there any difference between Checkers and Rally's?

While they do have different names, Checkers and Rally's have now merged into a fantastic blend of quality and service. You'll notice that both the names are out there on their locations: 569 for Checkers and 309 for Rally's. What's interesting is that despite their unique branding, the restaurants uphold the same standards - the same interiors, same menu, same top-notch service, and identical delicious food. Confused? Don't worry, you're not the only one. It's okay to find this co-branding slightly offbeat, but let me assure you, their partnership is a match made in heaven!

How's their vegetarian food?

If you're a vegetarian or a vegan, you might be a little disappointed. While they do serve up some decent vegetarian options like fries, mozzarella sticks, and various desserts, they currently don't carry a veggie burger. If you're vegan, you're left with unambiguous options – plain waffle cones without fillings or a soda. Hence, if you stick strictly to vegan or vegetarian food options, Checkers Rally's USA might not be your first choice. However, if you occasionally allow yourself a meat treat, Checkers Rally's multiple locations are a tasty way to fulfill those cravings!

What are the crowd-favorites here?

The menu at Checkers Rally's highlights American classics, clearly evidenced by their burgers, the undisputed stars. They've challenged the idea of small, delicate burgers, and serve up big ones, full of sauces and toppings, generously finished with cheese. I mean, their Triple Baconzilla justifies its name with bacon aplenty, even for the most passionate carnivores! Oh, and don’t forget to try their frozen slushies, a fantastic sidekick for the vegetarians and meat-lovers alike. They're so good that many (including me, on a particularly hot afternoon) have swung by just to grab a refreshing drink!

Can I use reward points at any of their locations?

The rewards program offered by Checkers Rally's is one of their most popular features. It has added to my loyal visits, allowing me to save money, track my purchases, and try out new delicacies, all from my phone. Confusion might arise considering Checkers and Rally's often seem to be different chains, but believe me, they serve identical menus, food, and customer service. So yes, you can use your reward points earned at a Checkers outlet at Rally's, and vice versa, which can result in some substantial savings!

Is there an option to order ahead?

A massive YES! Although they function solely as drive-throughs, it doesn't stop them from accepting advance orders from your phone for later pick-up. It's a fantastic option when you're on a long drive and want your food ready without any waiting time. You need to order through their app or website, and as the payment has to be done in advance, they only accept cards. I can vouch for the convenience of ordering ahead, beating the queue, and getting my food faster and of course - mouthwateringly delicious!

My Experience at Checkers Rally's


  • High-quality food at affordable prices.
  • Open nearly all day.
  • Convenient drive-through model.
  • Interesting history merging two former competitors.
  • Loyalty reward points carry over between Checkers and Rally's.
  • Ability to order ahead.


  • Limited options for vegetarians and vegans.
  • Sometimes confusing dual branding between Checkers and Rally's.

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Checkers Rallys Menu

If you want the iconic, good old-fashioned, American drive-through experience – then look no further than Checkers. The perfect blend of all American classics such as hamburgers, hot dogs, fries, and of course – milkshakes. Why deviate from the classics when they are popular for a reason?

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