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Aw menu prices featuring 37 items ranging from $1.29 to $6.99

A&W is a chain of American fast food restaurants which has an extensive history. The company is best known for its burgers and root beer.

Aw menu prices featuring 37 items ranging from $1.29 to $6.99

Walk into a heavenly mix of American classics at any time of the day at A&W. Serving breakfast to dinner, A&W houses a great range of my absolute favorites – root beers to classic American burgers and fried chicken.

And let's not forget about how deep-seated the history of this place is. A&W's origin dates back to 1919 when Roy W.Allen opened his first Root Beer stand in Lodi, California! In 1922, Allen teamed up with Frank Wright and the momentum has been unstoppable since. A pictorial journey of America's restaurant landscape from 1950 to the present day reveals the incredible expansion of A&W, from nearly 450 locations in the '50s to around 1000 eateries now! For more about A&W's, peep into the company's website,

Are A&W stores everywhere?

A&W’s 1,000 restaurants span across the United States and even Southeast Asia. Lucky for us, they take orders from these states:

  • Alaska
  • Arizona

Find your nearest A&W with the handy A&W store finder on their website. Just FYI, Canada does house some A&W's but they're not connected to the U.S. branches.

Where else can I find an A&W restaurant?

With a rich legacy like A&W, you'd expect their footprint on the global fast food canvas to be wider but right now, it's limited to:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore

The process of extending their international wings seems a tad slow in contrast to its industry peers. But here's hoping!

What's so special about A&W Restaurants?

Sure, there's a deluge of places offering burgers and fries but A&W Restaurants has a unique edge to every frost mug filled with root beer and each bite of their hot dogs. I found it incredibly refreshing how they:

  • Give back to those who served by supporting numerous vet-related charities,
  • Have an irresistible array of cheese curds, floats and burgers – selling millions of pounds every year,
  • And last but not the least, they’ve been around and thriving for over 100 years!

Trust me when I say, A&W is one of the tastier options among American fast-food chains. Be it a quick work lunch or dinner with the fam, there’s something for everyone. For those in the States or Canada, there’s probably an A&W coming up right around the corner!

Now onto the yumminess that is the A&W Menu. Offering all-time American favorites, customers can savor classic burgers, made with 100% U.S. Beef. Perfectly seasoned and topped with cheese, bacon and a garden of greens.

I loved their hand-breaded chicken tenders, a stand-alone delight that doubles up as a slider in a burger bun. A&W also whips up some lip-smacking hot dogs.

They have an impressive selection of appetizing and hefty sides to spruce up your meal - my personal favorite would have to be the Chili Cheese Fries, although others have raved about their onion rings, cheese curds, and fries.

A&W’s freshly made root beer, the drink that started it all, has stayed a crowd pleaser since 1919. They also have ice creams, sundaes, and shakes and most locations even offer a take-out service.

Why is A&W root beer a hit?

A&W's been brewing fresh root beer since 1919 and boy, can you taste the legacy! The mellow, creamy flavor has captivated root beer lovers over the past century, particularly those who fancy a softer touch to their drink.

They pride themselves in using real aged vanilla and the fact that they make it in-house means that freshness is a guarantee with every mug. I have to warn you, though, their root beer is highly addictive!

What's the deal with A&W's working hours?

A&W branches are generally welcoming customers from around 10 am till about 11 pm. But depending on the location, opening times can change, so it’s always best to check with your local branch. Some stores are always open, allowing late-night cravings for A&W's delectable root beer and burgers.

They absolutely do have a children’s menu. It features A&W’s signature dishes in kid-friendly options. Little ones can pick from breaded chicken, hot dogs, hamburgers, corn dog nuggets, and cheeseburgers.

A meal is not complete without sides and drinks, now, is it? A&W’s child meals come with kid-style fries or Motts Applesauce, a drink, and a special surprise! The portions are perfectly suited for smaller appetites.

Does A&W serve alcohol?

Some outlets do but it's best to check with the local A&W branch. A&W's website also has information about their alcohol service and even lets you search for branches that serve alcohol.

Is A&W's food spicy?

Generally, no, A&W doesn't pack a spicy punch. Although there might be items that offer a hint of spice, the American flavor spectrum prioritizes a completely different flavor profile.

Vegetarian Options at A&W?

Given its menu's meat-oriented inclination, options for vegetarians are quite limited. But here's a pleasant surprise: A&W's iconic Root Beer and the Diet variant are completely vegetarian-friendly!

When it comes to food, vegetarians can resort to a few sides and sweets or treats at A&W.

Gluten-Free Foods at A&W?

Most items on the A&W menu do contain gluten. The French fries, cheese fries and chili cheese fries, though being gluten-free, are fried in oil used for gluten-containing products. So, there is a risk of cross-contamination that diners should be wary of, particularly those with strong gluten intolerances or allergies.

Does A&W deliver?

Yes, many A&W branches do offer a delivery service. You can confirm with the local A&W branch or refer to the company's website.

Does A&W root beer have caffeine?

No, A&W’s root beer is 100% caffeine-free. The secret to its sweet and smooth taste? Aged vanilla.

Are A&W fries gluten-free?

While the fries, by default, are gluten-free, remember that they are fried in oil also used for food items containing gluten. Cross-contamination is a possibility that you should be aware of, especially if you are highly allergic or intolerant to gluten.

How do I order food at A&W Restaurants?

Here are three convenient ways to get your hands on A&W’s mouthwatering food:

1. Your neighborhood A&W Restaurants location:

You can place an order at the counter and enjoy your meal there or use their drive-thru facility if you're in a rush. Inside, it's self-serve so it’s direct. At the drive-thru, order at the menu board and collect your food through the window.

2. Online order via your preferred food delivery service:

DoorDash, Grubhub, and Uber Eats deliver A&W treats at your doorstep in participating regions. Just use their app or website to see the menu, check prices, and place your order.

3. Phone-In Order:

Google search or use the official A&W Restaurants website to find the number of your closest branch. Just give them a ring, tell them what you’d like, and when to have it ready. Easy-breezy!

Does A&W have a drive-thru?

Several A&W outlets offer a convenient drive-thru service. They even let you order without leaving your car at some branches. The company's website allows search for A&W outlets providing drive-thru services or you could check with your local branch.

What's the A&W Mug Club?

It's the A&W customer loyalty program. After signing up to the A&W Mug Club, the company sends exclusive deals and coupons straight to your inbox. Celebrating your birthday at any A&W branch gets you a free Root Beer Float!

Is A&W food healthy?

Deep-fried or nutrition-packed? What's A&W's deal?

If you're health-conscious, small burger with a handful of healthy toppings or grilled chicken sandwich options could work. They have a few healthy options neatly tucked among the fast foods. No salads just yet, but let's count what they do offer.

Can I cook A&W food at home?

If you have leftovers from your last visit, heating them up at home might be your best bet. At present, A&W doesn’t have any restaurant products on general sale but that could change as they see demand for it in the future.

My Unique Experience at A&W


  • The root beer was a refreshing burst of creamy vanilla sweetness.
  • The staff was incredibly welcoming and the service was quick.
  • Affordable and satisfying meals - I didn't feel like I broke my bank.


  • Fewer vegetarian and gluten-free options.
  • Somewhat limited menu for people looking at healthier alternatives.
  • Some branches may not have a drive-thru.

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