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Boomerjacks menu prices featuring 73 items ranging from $0.69 to $39.99

BoomerJacks is a chain of grills and sports bars in North Texas. The company provides a welcoming environment, and great food, and is the perfect place to catch a sports game.

Boomerjacks menu prices featuring 73 items ranging from $0.69 to $39.99

I my journey to taste some of the best food Dallas-Fort Worth has to offer took me to BoomerJacks today. As someone who believes in both taste and value for money, I can confirm that the place does serve some amazing food and drinks without hurting your wallet

BoomerJacks has been a sensation since its inception in 2001 by Brent Tipps. From having dreamed about a backyard playroom to owning and running 17 BoomerJacks grills, Brent has indeed come a long way. What caught my attention was this unique name BoomerJack which seems to be an innocent title for a childhood dream playroom. Check out the full story on their website.

Where did I find BoomerJacks?

If you're a local or even a traveler navigating through the Dallas-Fort Worth area, stumbling upon one of the 17 BoomerJack's restaurants would be a cakewalk. I had my BoomerJacks experience at their Mesquite location, and I was told that they are planning to expand to even more areas pretty soon. So, check out their website for any updates on their new locations.

The moment I set eyes on the BoomerJacks menu, I couldn't resist the Mozzarella Bites and nachos from their starters range. But what truly blew my mind from their main course was the hand-crafted burger which was absolutely juicy and flavorful, coupled with crispy chicken wings. The night was topped off with their heavenly chocolate lava cake. The best part, their drinks were a perfect cherry on top of a delicious meal. Also, they offer a takeaway service too!

So, what did make my visit to BoomerJacks so memorable?

Not only did I get to have some great food and drinks, but the whole environment at BoomerJacks was extremely welcoming and fun. The place was buzzing service was top-notch! The best part, it was an absolute treat to my pocket.

I must say, this place is a delight for all sports lovers. Almost everywhere I looked, there was a large TV (over 100 to be precise). Fun fact, they even have TVs in their bathrooms - a true testament to their attention to detail!

Apart from the excellent in-house facilities, their outdoor spaces are remarkable too, with garage-door bars, misters, fans and heaters arranged to ensure a fine dining experience.

Did Vegetarians have enough choices?

Indeed, they did. BoomerJacks didn't forget about the vegetarians and had the option of the bottomless soup and salad along with veg-friendly sides like fries, vegetables and salad.

Did kids have a good time too?

Yes, they sure did. They have a children’s menu for the little ones with a lot of choices. My niece couldn't get enough of the Mac n Cheese.

When can I visit BoomerJacks next?

BoomerJack’s hours of operation were quite flexible, opening at 10:30 all week with closing times varying between midnight and 2am.

Can BoomerJacks serve at home?

Indeed, most BoomerJacks restaurants do offer home delivery. I checked with the local branch offering delivery possibilities in my area. Or if you prefer, you can also order and pick up from the restaurant itself.

Were the kids comfortable there?

Absolutely, there was plenty of room and fun activities for the kids. The huge patio areas were a favorite among the little ones. The best part, parents could still choose to stay after 10pm with their kids.

Did I enjoy a drink at BoomerJacks?

A place like BoomerJacks couldn't be without a great bar, could it? They've curated a fantastic collection of beer, cocktails and wine by the glass. It was mentioned to me that they occasionally offer drink promotions too.

Do they take reservations?

It seems to vary between different BoomerJack restaurants. I recommend reaching out to the local branch to know about their reservation policies.

What if I wanted to take my dog?

You're in luck, most BoomerJacks are dog-friendly. As long as your pet is well-behaved and on a leash, they're as welcome as you are!

Could I order BoomerJacks online?

Yes, you can place your BoomerJacks orders from the comfort of your home. They offer both home delivery and curbside pickup in some locations.

Was there live music to enjoy?

Indeed, to top off your BoomerJacks experience, live music events are scheduled at many of their locations. Check their events calendar on their website for the same.

Could I purchase a BoomerJacks gift card?

Absolutely! You can choose between an eGift Card that can be instantly delivered, or even a physical gift card, that will reach in 5–7 business days. Or, print a BoomerJacks eGift card at home, and personally hand it over anytime you want.


  • Delicious food
  • Convenient locations
  • TVs in every corner
  • Excellent outdoor spaces
  • Vegetarian and kid-friendly
  • Dog-friendly


  • Drink promotions not available in all locations
  • Not all stores accept reservations

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