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Bareburger menu prices featuring 60 items ranging from $0.00 to $17.00

Bareburger menu is a trendy chain of American fast food restaurants, that uses simple yet joyful ingredients to serve great burgers to hungry customers. Bareburger is known for having great quality 100% organic meat, but on the other end, it is also known for having an extensive plant-based menu.

Bareburger menu prices featuring 60 items ranging from $0.00 to $17.00
Today, I'm stoked to tell you all about my recent sojourn to this trendy burger joint, discerned as 'Bareburger'. Trust me, it's become the hotspot for all burger lovers in NYC – a place I've found opens its hospitable arms wide enough for both lunch and dinner.
Now, let's take a trip back in time. Bareburger bloomed its first flower in Queens, New York in 2009. However, the roots were already embedded back in 2002 while they were slangin' burgers at music venues. Earning popularity way before its first restaurant, eventually, catapulted the brand so much that today, it boasts an array of outlets sprawled all over the States. Walking in, I was immediately swept by a sense of hominess. For all you burger fanatics who cannot physically explor Bareburger, don't worry! The net world has got you covered. Check out their official site at and clutch the vibe of this place right from your room.

Spotting the Bareburger Stores:

Guess where you can relish their heavenly burgers! Yep, you got it right, the Bareburger outlets are nestled throughout the United States. Of course, the New York State leads the frontier. After all, Bareburger was born in Queens, New York. Apart from that, they're also sating the palates in the following regions:
  • 57th Col. Circle, New York
  • Astoria (31st Avenue), Queens
  • Bayside, Queens

Food, food and more food – what does Bareburger serve?

As the name suggests, you've got it right; Bareburger specializes in an array of burgers – all using simple yet top-notch ingredients. The beef patties; let me tell you, are a legacy in themselves. They're made from 100% organic, grass-fed, antibiotic-free, growth-hormone-free, ranch-raised beef. Dude, it can't get better than that. Emphasizing the importance of plant-based diets, the Bareburger menu offers a considerable selection of vegetarian delicacies like the Original Burger (uses Impossible plant-based meat) and the Quadalupe Burger with a black bean patty. Not a burger person? They have a culinary treasure trove for you! The masks come off when they bring out their range of salads, sandwiches, shared starters (chicken wings and plant-based nuggets, anyone?) and sides. Hungry for some sweets? The Bareburger dessert menu, featuring a flourless chocolate cake and vegan carrot cake, will sate your sweet tooth in a jiffy. The best part? They also serve alcohol and have a phenomenal takeaway service.

A Bareburger stand-out:

At first glance, Bareburger radiates a hip and trendy aura distinct from other burger joints. Secondly, the team crushes the stereotype often associated with fast-food chains. They stay dedicated to offer burgers, concocted from local, organic, natural, and sustainable ingredients. As a fellow Earth-lover, this promise makes my heart sing!

A vegetarian's paradise – Bareburger?

Yes indeed! Bareburger houses an array of delicious vegetarian and plant-based options – accounting for over a third of their menu.

Vegan-friendly Bareburger?

Absolutely! Bareburger caters to vegan ridgers too. They have an impressive array of options including:
  • Impossible Shrooming Burger
  • Impossible Standards
  • French fries
Some of their sauces like organic ketchup and smoke sauce are also vegan-friendly!

Do kids love Bareburger?

A big YES! Bareburger houses a menu for kids that includes their trademark beef burger and the popular Impossible beef burger, besides other goodies like Impossible nuggets and popcorn chicken bites. The kiddie meals are served with organic juice, and customers can add any of the sides for an additional charge.

When is Bareburger open?

Usually, the doors of Bareburger open between 11:30am and 10pm. However, this varies across different stores, so it's best to check the timings of the nearest Bareburger store.

Is Bareburger one call away?

Indeed it is! You can call Bareburger for a delivery or can place an order online for an in-store collection. Helpful tip: You can check the estimated time to prepare your order on their website.

Does Bareburger cater to Keto diets?

Bareburger has something for everyone, including those on a Keto diet. You can choose from various keto-friendly ingredients and even select the keto-friendly bun.

Feeling creative at Bareburger?

Absolutely, go ahead and build your own burger! With an array of options from buns to proteins to toppings to sauces; you're in for a treat!

Is Bareburger Halal?

Certain items on the Bareburger menu are Halal, including their signature beef. However, it's always a good idea to inquire at your local store.

Can I get tipsy at Bareburger?

Certainly! Bareburger offers an extensive range of alcohol – from beer to wine to classic and signature cocktails. For those who prefer something non-alcoholic, they offer an assortment of all-natural sodas and lemonade.


  • Unique, trendy atmosphere
  • High-quality, sustainable ingredients
  • Great vegetarian and vegan options


  • Can get quite busy during peak times.
  • Some sauces are not vegan-friendly
  • Halal options can vary from branch to branch
However, any cons listed here are minor. Overall, my experience at Bareburger was nothing short of amazing. Their commitment to sustainability and him-like ambiance make it a worthwhile choice for anyone looking for good food and a positive dining experience. Foodies, if you're in the cities where Bareburger, get your hands on their juicy, wholesome burgers, trust me – you'll not regret it!

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Bareburger menu is a trendy chain of American fast food restaurants, that uses simple yet joyful ingredients to serve great burgers to hungry customers. Bareburger is known for having great quality 100% organic meat, but on the other end, it is also known for having an extensive plant-based menu.

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