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Bugerim menu prices featuring 28 items ranging from $0.99 to $44.95

Bugerim is a chain of fast food hamburger restaurants that originated in Israel, before spreading right across the United States. Each Bugerim restaurant operates as a franchise, meaning they are run as individual small businesses under the Bugerim brand.

Bugerim menu prices featuring 28 items ranging from $0.99 to $44.95

Burgerim is open for lunch and dinner and is known for its wide range of gourmet mini burgers.

Burgerim was founded by Donna Tuchner, an Israeli native, who was studying in New York at the time. At the end of her studies, she returned to Israel, opening the first Burgerim restaurant in Tel Aviv in 2011. The company grew rapidly with up to 200 locations in 2019, however, fewer are available today.

You can find out more about Burgerim by visiting the company’s website

Which countries have Burgerim restaurants?

Burgerim restaurants can be found in Israel and all across the United States. You can order from the Burgerim menu in the following locations:

  • California
  • Florida
  • Louisiana
  • New Jersey
  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina
  • Texas

Visit the company’s website to find your nearest Burgerim restaurant.

What kind of food does Burgerim serve?

Burgerim specializes in a range of gourmet mini burgers, which are smaller than regular burgers but slightly larger than sliders. The company offers burger patties in 10 different varieties, which include:

  • Beef
  • Grilled Chicken
  • Crispy Chicken
  • Lamb
  • Turkey
  • Plant-based
  • Falafel

If you want to try more than one Burgerim burger, the company offers a popular mix and match option, called The Duo for two 3oz burgers, and The Trio for 3 3oz burgers. Under this option, customers can choose between 4 buns, and 4 patties and add a selection of toppings.

Customers can order any burger on the Burgerim menu with a choice of the Burgerim bun, gluten-free bun, keto bun or lettuce wrap. In addition to burgers, the company also sells chicken wings, crispy chicken strips, a range of sides and milkshakes, and some stores offer fresh salads.

All Burgerim burgers are served with tomato, lettuce, onions, pickles, cheese and a house sauce. Customers can choose to add additional premium toppings for an additional fee, including bacon, avocado, fried egg and pineapple.

Many Burgerim restaurants do not offer a dessert menu, but any fruit or milk tea can have added ice cream!

What makes Burgerim different?

Burgerim is different from many other fast food restaurants in that they serve gourmet burgers using great quality ingredients. This includes using dry-aged beef, wagyu beef and quality-grade turkey.

The size of Burgerim burgers is different to most other burger restaurants. The company’s 3oz burgers mean that you can mix and match different burger patties to create a tasty and unique meal.

Burgerim is famous for its unique selection of toppings. All Burgerim burgers include the standard burger toppings of lettuce, tomato and onions, but you can mix things up by adding avocado, pineapple and fried eggs!

Yes, the Burgerim menu includes a small children’s menu. Customers can either order crispy chicken strips or any 3oz Burgerim burger, which is served with fries and a kid’s freestyle drink.

What are Burgerim’s opening hours?

Burgerim generally opens at 11:00am and closes at 9:30pm, but Burgerim opening hours do vary between stores, so be sure to check with your nearest branch for local opening times.

Does Burgerim offer delivery?

Yes, Burgerim restaurants offer delivery for most stores. Check with your local branch to see if they offer a Burgerim delivery service and the options that are available to you in your area. Burgerim delivery orders can be placed directly with the company, or you can order their products through third-party companies.

Does Burgerim serve alcohol?

Some Burgerim restaurants serve alcohol, while some Burgerim restaurants do not. Be sure to check with your local Burgerim restaurant to see if they serve alcohol.

Does Burgerim serve sides?

Yes, Burgerim has a small selection of sides which can accompany your Burgerim burger. Customers can order Burgerim fries, onion rings, sweet potato fries, styled fries, or a combination of the above.

Does Burgerim cater for vegetarians?

Yes, Burgerim caters for vegetarians, and any products which are suitable for vegetarians are clearly marked with a V’ sign on the Burgerim menu. Vegetarian options include the company’s fresh salads, and any burger can be produced with an Impossible plant-based patty.

Does Burgerim cater for vegans?

Yes! Burgerim caters for vegans. Items on the Burgerim menu which are suitable for vegans are clearly identified with a VG’ sign-on menu. Full nutritional information is available on the company's website, or ask at your local restaurant.

The company’s Falafel burger is Vegan and contains a 1/4lb falafel patty with lettuce, pickles, onions and tomatoes. Burgerim also offers customers the option to swap their meat for a plant-based Impossible patty for an extra fee. You will need to check that the remaining burger doesn’t contain any other products which contain animal products.

Does Burgerim serve gluten-free food?

Yes, Burgerim has introduced two gluten-free options. Customers can order a Gluten Free bun for an additional $0.99 or order a lettuce wrap for their burger, which is also gluten-free. Gluten-free items are clearly labelled with a GF’ on the Burgerim menu, and full nutritional information is available on the company’s website.

Is Burgerim Halal?

Some Burgerim restaurants offer a 100% halal menu, even Beef Bacon. These restaurants are clearly identified on the company’s website, so be sure to visit them or ask at your local Burgerim restaurant.

Does Burgerim serve sharing boxes?

Yes, if you have a large party or a hungry family, the Burgerim menu includes two Sharing Boxes.

The Family Box offers a good variety of items, providing you with 8 (3oz) burgers, 8 chicken wings, fries and onion rings. The company’s Party Box offers you 16 (3oz) burgers, and you get to choose up to 4 different types of patties.

Does Burgerim have an app?

Yes, Burgerim has an app that can be downloaded from Google Play or the Apple Store. The Burgerim mobile app allows you to find your nearest Burgerim restaurant, look through your local Burgerim menu and plan an online order for collection or delivery.

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