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Burger 21 menu prices featuring 150 items ranging from $1.29 to $56.95

Burger 21 was founded in 2009, with the purpose to serve the finest, freshly prepared burgers. After extensive research and taste-testing, the company settled on 21 different menu items - and the name Burger 21 was formed.

Burger 21 menu prices featuring 150 items ranging from $1.29 to $56.95

Having heard of their acclaimed reputation, I decided to give Burger 21 a spin for lunch and dinner. They're well-known for their superior burger experience, and I gotta say, they certainly lived up to the hype!

Established way back in 2010, Burger 21 embarked on a mission to rewrite the traditional rules of the fast-food burger scene, combining speed and convenience with incredibly high-quality food. I walked into their first-ever restaurant located in Tampa, Florida, and was immediately struck by the lively and welcoming ambiance.

I learned more about the values and philosophy of Burger 21 from their website which you can find here.

Where in the world is Burger 21?

Following my time in Florida, I've visited Burger 21 locations in multiple states. They've managed to position 15 stores across the US, including:

  • Florida - Carrollwood, Lakeland, New Tampa, Tamp Airport, Westchase
  • Georgia - Kennesaw, Mall of Georgia
  • Illinois - Orland Park
  • Michigan - Novi
  • New Mexico - Albuquerque
  • New York - Latham
  • North Carolina - Charlotte Ballantyne
  • Virginia - Ashburn & Sterling

Quite a few of these branches are conveniently located within shopping malls, and the Tampa airport even features two Burger 21 outlets. Just a tip: their opening hours and menu may vary from location to location.

What sets Burger 21 apart?

What I think sets Burger 21 apart from the rest is their unhealthy obsessions with burgers. They live by three founding principles:

  • Chef-crafted - Each burger at Burger 21 was evidently crafted with a lot of care and love, with not a single compromise on the quality of the ingredients.
  • Quality of ingredients - They use only the best of the best in terms of ingredients. The chicken they use, for instance, is completely free of hormones or antibiotics.
  • Neighborhood spot - Burger 21 aims to be the local go-to spot where groups of friends, families, and coworkers can come together to enjoy an amazing burger feast.

Another thing that impressed me was the freshness of their food. Every part of their burgers are produced on the spot, so there's not a chance of you getting a reheated burger!

Burger 21's menu is a diverse one. They serve a wide array of burgers, sides, fresh salads, sliders, dogs, tenders, and drinks. They also offer chicken, fish and vegetarian burgers apart from the traditional citizen (beef) burger.

Some of their restaurants serve alcohol which includes a selection of beers, wines and adult milkshakes.

They also have a system of limited-time specials, such as the Southern Fried Pickle burger that I had the chance to taste. Trust me, as weird as it sounds, it's a must-try!

Yes, they do! Burger 21 has a menu custom-made for kids that includes chicken tenders, burgers, hot dogs, and the irresistible shakes. For a side with every kids' meal, they get a choice between grapes and french fries along with a wide selection of drinks.

Just a cool fact that I noted: their kids' burgers are cooked well-done, making sure they're safe for the young ones to devour.

A wise move would be to check with your local branch for menu availability.

Are there spicy options at Burger 21?

As a spice lover, I am pleased to report that Burger 21 caters to a range of tastes. If you prefer your meal with a kick, try the Thai Spicy Shrimp Burger. It is absolutely scrumptious.

If you'd rather stick to the less-spicy varieties, Burger 21's got you covered with options like the Hawaiian BBQ Pineapple Chicken Burger or the Bacon Cheesy Beef Burger.

What are Burger 21's hours?

In general, Burger 21 operates from 11am to 8pm, with extended hours from Wednesday to Saturday. However, their hours might vary across locations, so be sure to check with your local branch. Their outlets in shopping malls might operate differently from the ones in airports.

Does Burger 21 deliver?

I can confirm that Burger 21 does offer delivery! Be sure to check with your local store for details regarding their delivery service and area coverage.

Is Burger 21 healthy?

While some of the options at Burger 21 veer towards the indulgent side, they do offer healthy choices as well. Despite some of the burgers being high in calories (courtesy of the delicious cheese and bacon), the ingredients are fresh and high-quality.

If you're in the mood for a low-calorie option, I personally recommend the Super Burger Bowl salad which starts at just 377 calories.

Does Burger 21 cater to vegetarians?

Absolutely! Burger 21 also offers options like the Black Bean Burger and the Impossible burger that contains a vegan plant-based patty.

Does Burger 21 offer gluten-free food?

Yes! Certain dishes on Burger 21's menu can be made gluten-free on special request. It is important to check with your local outlet before you order. While they do their best to cater to gluten-free requests, their kitchen is not 100% gluten-free.

Does Burger 21 have a loyalty scheme?

Yes! Burger 21 has a loyalty program known as 'Patty Perks'. It's a cool system where you earn rewards for every dollar you spend. After spending $100, you'll get a $10 Patty Perk to redeem at Burger 21.


  • High-quality, fresh ingredients
  • Great neighborhood ambience
  • Diverse menu catered to all dietary needs and preferences


  • Menu options and hours can vary by location
  • Kitchen is not 100% gluten-free

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