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Burger Fuel menu prices featuring 56 items ranging from $1.00 to $17.30

When you think about fuel, you most likely think about some sort of engine. BurgerFuel firmly believes the body is an engine which needs to be given the highest quality of fuel. This is why BurgerFuel offers the best possible ingredients to fuel the engine which is your body.

Burger Fuel menu prices featuring 56 items ranging from $1.00 to $17.30

BurgerFuel is a New Zealand-run burger franchise specializing in serving healthy burgers that pack a punch while displaying a rough-and-tumble persona.


As a way to lower BurgerFuel’s contribution to excess plastic, the children’s meals do not come with plastic toys but instead come with an activity sheet of games and artwork hand-drawn by actual BurgerFuel artists, as well as temporary tattoos they can apply, also hand-drawn by BurgerFuel artists.

To learn more about BurgerFuel, visit their website here.

Which countries have a BurgerFuel?

While BurgerFuel may have originated in New Zealand, it has spread to a total of six different countries across the globe. The countries which have a BurgerFuel location available include:

  • New Zealand
  • United States
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Iraq
  • Australia

What is different about BurgerFuel?

BurgerFuel is a New Zealand-run franchise which has given itself the personality of being a serious, gruff, and even aggressive restaurant. It prides itself on being hardcore, yet friendly and sustainable, doing what it can for the environment and the communities surrounding its locations while maintaining the image of having a bad attitude.

BurgerFuel prides itself on having invented the Doofer. You may be asking yourself, “What is a Doofer?” A Doofer is a creation of BurgerFuel’s own design. BurgerFuel felt it was high time someone solved the problem of your burger contents falling out as you eat them, so they did. The Doofer is an insulated burger holder your burger is placed in to provide a mess-free eating experience. When you eat all of the burger exposed while inside the Doofer, you can tear away a perforated section, similar to the casing of a Hot Pocket, to give you easy access to more of your burger without losing any of its insides.

Is BurgerFuel food spicy?

BurgerFuel offers a few spicy menu items, but they are easily identified by the menu name and description. If you are still uncertain about whether or not something is spicy, you can always ask an employee for more information.

BurgerFuel specializes in selling quality, healthy burgers. BurgerFuel also sells a variety of fried-potato sides and BurgerFuel’s thickshakes. Some of the popular burgers available on the BurgerFuel menu include:

  • Bio Fuel
  • Bastard
  • Modified Thunderbird
  • Mini Chook Royale

How do I order food at BurgerFuel?

When in a BurgerFuel restaurant, you order food by first determining what you would like. Once you have your order ready, you will approach the employee at the counter and give them your order, pay for your food, and be given a ticket number, as is the case in many fast-food restaurants. Once your food is ready, your order will be called out and you can collect it. From there, you can choose to stay in the restaurant and eat your food there or take your food to a secondary location.

You can order food for pickup by placing an order online through the BurgerFuel website or by placing an order through the downloadable mobile app. You will then head to the BurgerFuel location you placed your order with to pick up your food, having paid for it when you ordered it.

Does BurgerFuel cater to vegetarians?

BurgerFuel does not cater to vegetarians, but they do have vegetarian options included on its menu. Both the V-8 Vegan and the V-Twin Vege. There are some side options available which are vegetarian that include:

  • Spud Fries
  • Kumara Fries
  • Smash Browns
  • Moto Bites

Keep in mind these fried sides are most likely fried in the same oil as other non-vegetarian products.

Does BurgerFuel have vegan food options?


BurgerFuel does have vegan-friendly food options available. Some options need slight modifications, such as switching out the standard sauce for the vegan version. With modification included, BurgerFuel includes two vegan burger options: the V-8 Vegan and the V-Twin Vege. Also included on the vegan area of the menu are the Moto Bites, though keep in mind the Moto Bites are most likely fried in the same oil as non-vegan friendly products are.

BurgerFuel does have a children’s menu, complete with activities for children to do, as BurgerFuel does not want to contribute to the impact of plastic toys from kids’ meals. The BurgerFuel kid’s menu features one item, labeled the Kid’s Ink Meals. The Kid’s Ink Meal comes with a child-sized burger, a serving of child-sized French fries, and a small apple juice, as well as the activity sheet and temporary tattoo to keep your child occupied.

What are BurgerFuel’s opening hours?

BurgerFuel does not have a standard set of universal hours for all of its locations, instead letting each location set its own opening and closing hours. For the most accurate hours, check with your local BurgerFuel.

Does BurgerFuel offer delivery?

BurgerFuel does offer delivery, mostly using its own delivery drivers. BurgerFuel traditionally only offers delivery during a certain time frame in the afternoon. BurgerFuel is partnered with Delivereasy, a third-party food delivery service, to offer delivery outside of BurgerFuel’s delivery hours.

You can place an order for delivery through the BurgerFuel website, through the BurgerFuel app, or through Delivereasy.

Is BurgerFuel healthy?

BurgerFuel strives to offer extremely healthy food to fuel your body with as few preservatives and additives as possible while using ethically sourced ingredients. Overall, BurgerFuel is more h earthy than your traditional fast-food burger restaurant. Remember, however, that things are only healthy when eaten in moderation.

Can I cook BurgerFuel at home?

You cannot currently cook BurgerFuel at home, as BurgerFuel does not offer any of its menu items in grocery stores for purchase. There are recipes online which attempt to duplicate some BurgerFuel menu items, however, these are not officially licensed recipes.

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