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Burgerfi menu prices featuring 57 items ranging from $0.77 to $12.97

BurgerFi is the premier fast food burger chain in America creating deluxe, professional, burgers from highly trained chefs without sacrificing the speed of a fast food chain. Incredibly, BurgerFi does so without needing to raise prices or cut portion sizes to compete. It does so by being of the utmost quality and never failing to deliver an excellent burger, every time. BurgerFi offers an amazing selection of American classics done right, from burgers to hot dogs, from onion rings to ice cream, and everything in between. BurgerFi has continually proved it can compete with the big names in the fast food industry time and time again.

Burgerfi menu prices featuring 57 items ranging from $0.77 to $12.97

I recently visited BurgerFi, a popular fast-casual restaurant chain which is promptly open for lunch, dinner and quick bites seven days a week. I love the idea that I could conveniently drop by any time between 11 am and midnight.



I was fascinated to learn about the journey of BurgerFi. Back in 2011, a bunch of gourmet chefs believed that you shouldn't have to compromise on quality just because you're grabbing a quick burger. From one single store, they've increased their footprint to over 120 locations not just across the US, but in Mexico, the UK and even the Middle East! I was quite impressed learning about how their CEO Ian Baines has driven this incredible expansion.

What sets BurgerFi apart from other burger joints?

Unlike most burger places that hire line cooks, BurgerFi takes it up a notch by employing professional gourmet chefs. They focus on utilizing fresh ingredients to curate burgers that aren’t just scrumptious, but also artistically presented. I was intrigued to know that they even offer Wagyu beef hot dogs! It was refreshing to see their commitment to sourcing ingredients ethically and catering to a health-conscious audience by avoiding the use of steroids, growth hormones or additives.

Does BurgerFi only focus on burgers?

While burgers may be their signature dish, BurgerFi doesn’t compromise on variety. I had to appreciate the range of offerings. From fried chicken served as tenders or a sandwich to a range of sides and decadent desserts, this place caters to a broad palate. Of course, their claim to fame remains their delectable, juicy burgers that continue to win hearts across the globe.

How about variety for vegetarians at BurgerFi?

As a food blogger who has explored numerous burger joints, it is highly disappointing to see many of them failing to cater well to vegetarians or vegans. However, at BurgerFi, I was pleasantly surprised by their inclusivity. They offer mouthwatering Beyond Burgers that aren’t just meant for vegetarians or vegans, but are suitably delicious to make even regular meat eaters drool. They also have the VegiFi burger which is a crowd favorite, and I can see why!

Are there gluten-free options at BurgerFi?

Being sensitive to individual dietary needs, BurgerFi makes an effort to accommodate everyone that walks through its doors. While they are still in the process of developing gluten-free buns, they do offer an alternative solution. Their "green style" offering, which turns bread buns into crispy lettuce buns, is a sizable alternative and could perfectly fit in gluten-free or keto dietary preferences. I found it to be a unique yet tasty variation to a regular heavy burger meal.

What are some must-try items at BurgerFi?

While you can't go wrong with their burgers, let me indulge you with other favorites. Their frozen custard and concretes are out-of-this-world and a perfect way to round off your meal. As an ice-cream lover myself, I totally recommend you to try them out. Or if you’re overwhelmed with the food choices, don’t hesitate to ask one of the passionate servers who would be happy to help with the menu and some drool-worthy customizations!

Is BurgerFi actually good for you?

Considering that BurgerFi uses freshest ingredients and refrains from adding any kind of unwanted additives to their dishes, I believe the food they serve definitely ranks on the healthier side as far as fast food goes. The employees were happy enough to walk me through the nutritional value of the dishes, and I was able to make a choice according to my dietary needs. You can check out the nutrition information for their menu items here.


  • Varied menu with options for all dietary preferences
  • Quality ingredients sourced ethically
  • Friendly and helpful staff
  • Excellent diverse menu for vegetarians


  • Lack of gluten-free buns
  • Vegan dessert options are limited
  • May get quite busy during peak hours

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