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Burgerfi menu prices featuring 57 items ranging from $0.77 to $12.97

BurgerFi is the premier fast food burger chain in America creating deluxe, professional, burgers from highly trained chefs without sacrificing the speed of a fast food chain. Incredibly, BurgerFi does so without needing to raise prices or cut portion sizes to compete. It does so by being of the utmost quality and never failing to deliver an excellent burger, every time. BurgerFi offers an amazing selection of American classics done right, from burgers to hot dogs, from onion rings to ice cream, and everything in between. BurgerFi has continually proved it can compete with the big names in the fast food industry time and time again.

Burgerfi menu prices featuring 57 items ranging from $0.77 to $12.97

BurgerFi is open for lunch and dinner 7 days a week. Every location opens at 11 am and closes between 10 pm and midnight.



BurgerFi first opened its doors in 2011 when a group of gourmet chefs decided that you didn't have to sacrifice quality and high-level culinary techniques just because you are making burgers. There was no reason that you couldn't sell burgers that would not be out of place in a gourmet restaurant for prices that can compete with any other chain out there. So, they did. And since then BurgerFi has grown from 1 single store to 120 locations all across the United States, Mexico, The United Kingdom, and even the middle east. Their CEO Ian Baines has pushed the brand to expand all over the globe with no sign of slowing down.

If you want to find out more about BurgerFi and its story you can read all about it on its website by clicking here.

What makes BurgerFi stand out from other burger places?

BurgerFi hires professional gourmet chefs, not fry cooks, to ensure that the burgers, and other dishes, that they create are up to the BurgerFi standard. Fresh ingredients, everything made in-house, with love and attention to detail that you'd struggle to find anywhere else. Especially in another burger joint! BurgerFi uses dozens of fresh ingredients per dish that are only of the highest quality. Do you want Wagyu beef hot dogs? You got it. All of the produce sourced by BurgerFi comes from ethical sources that guarantee no steroids, growth hormones, or additives. All meat is purchased directly from free-range farms. BurgerFi has exceptionally high standards for all of its suppliers and this is reflected in the quality and attention to detail of all of its dishes.

Does BurgerFi do food other than burgers?

BurgerFi is a burger joint and that is where the passion lies. However, they have plenty of great alternatives in case you aren't as much of a burger fanatic as they are! Their fried chicken is excellent and can be ordered either as chicken tenders or as a sandwich. There are all kinds of sides as well as some great desserts to choose from like their signature frozen custard (which is certainly worth a try if you have never had it before!). BurgerFi is definitely more than just a burger joint. But, there is no denying that burgers are their specialty and certainly the reason the brand has seen so much success and growth in just a few years.

Many burger restaurants fail to properly accommodate vegetarians or vegans and that is a crying shame. BurgerFi has excellent Beyond burgers that are completely free of any animal-based product, including the cheese, and are so good that they even have meat eaters ordering them. You, of course, have your standard vegetarian sides such as fries, onion rings, etc and most desserts are veggie by nature. The options for vegan desserts are almost nonexistent so it is important to bare that in mind. The VegiFi burger is a definite favorite on the menu and is worth a try even if you aren't typically a vegetarian. Who knows, maybe they'll covert you?

Do they have gluten-free options?

BurgerFi does its best to be as accommodating as possible for all dietary requirements. However, since everything is made in-house it is not (as of yet) possible to prepare gluten-free buns for their burgers or hot dogs. That being said, it is possible to order every burger, sandwich, or hot dog without a bun and instead get it "green style" which replaces the bread bun with a crispy lettuce bun. This is a nice alternative for people struggling with gluten intolerance and is ideal for certain diets such as the Keto diet. A lettuce "bun" makes a great healthy alternative and can turn what is often considered a heavy burger into a lighter snack.

Burgers. It has to be burgers, they're a burger place, right? Well, yes, burgers are definitely up there but so are their frozen custard and concretes. Blocks of ice cream cake and chocolate are the perfect end to a delicious meal. BurgerFi has been recognized as the top-rated burger restaurant in the burger industry and has cracked the top 10 out of all restaurants. The burgers truly are incredible. They are easily the major draw for most people and are the leading factor behind securing such a loyal repeat customer base. If you are finding the menu a little hard to navigate or you can't quite decide what you think looks best, ask a server. BurgerFi hires burger fanatics who are full of great recommendations and even great tips for customizing your burger.

Is BurgerFi good for you?

As burgers go BurgerFi is pretty darn good for you. Their relentless pursuit of the best ingredients has ensured that their food items are not only free from harsh additives or steroids but they are fresh and responsibly sourced. Sure, a huge burger with a ton of bacon and cheese may not be quite as healthy as a lettuce bun burger with plenty of salad. At the end of the day, your meal at BurgerFi can be as healthy or as unhealthy as you want it to be. Your server will be perfectly capable of advising you on which dishes make a great healthy choice and can even provide nutritional breakdowns if needed. The nutritional information for every menu item can be found at the bottom of the menu page under the "Nutritional Information" subheading. That can be found here.

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