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Burgerville menu prices featuring 57 items ranging from $0.60 to $11.14

Burgerville, one of the most popular chain restaurants on the Oregon-Washington state border, was founded in 1961. Opened by George Propstra in Vancouver, Washington, the first Burgerville restaurant offered a menu predominantly containing burger and sandwich dishes, as the name suggests.

Burgerville menu prices featuring 57 items ranging from $0.60 to $11.14

My Experience at Burgerville

Stopping by at Burgerville for lunch, I realized quickly that this isn't your average burger joint. They offer a wide variety of burgers, whether you're a fan of beef, chicken, turkey, or even a veggies. Yeah, they've got you covered whether you’re a carnivore, pescatarian, or a vegetarian.

Chatting with a friendly worker there, I got some interesting nuggets of history which really added some color to my meal. It turns out Burgerville wasn't the first restaurant venture of founder George Propstra, in fact, he had been in the game since the 1930s with his successful family restaurant, The Holland. But in 1961, he branched out to create Burgerville and it was a hit almost instantly, leading to the opening of a similar, takeaway style, joint just months later.

I found it fascinating that historically, the restaurants didn't have any indoor seating. Designed with delivery and take-out in mind, Burgerville initially resisted the idea of indoor dining. Fast forward to now, and almost all of the 36 Burgerville hot spots scattered around Portland, Oregon have embraced in-house dining, giving us customers the chance to enjoy a leisurely burger at our own pace. You can dive more into the Burgerville history and its eateries on their website.

My Global Pals are Missing Out—Burgerville is Purely Local

Burgerville has an extremely localized footprint. All its 36 outlets are nestled in Northern Oregon and Southern Washington state. So, sorry to all my international and out-of-state readers, you've got to be in the States, specifically in or near Portland, Oregon or Vancouver, Washington to savor their burgers right from the grill. They do offer delivery but you need to be within an hour's drive from a Burgerville restaurant to be eligible.

What Sets Burgerville Apart?

As I bit into my beefy burger, the unique twist in the recipe sang out. More than just a burger joint, Burgerville has dedicated decades to the craft of burger making, constantly innovating while staying true to its original recipes. Sure, they do have indoor dining now, but they still encourage pick-up or delivery which harks back to their roots.

Something else I admired was their commitment to local produce, sourced from within a 400-mile radius of the Vancouver area. This geographical advantage ensures that customers' experiences remain consistent across locations—definitely a plus point for me.

Make no mistake, Burgerville is a burger-centric spot but they're not one-trick ponies. The menu is classified into sections, each dedicated to burgers with different bases—beef, chicken, turkey, fish, and even a vegetarian option.

And for those extra peckish days? They offer a bunch of side dishes, shakes, ice-creams, and their highly lauded ice-cream cookie sandwiches. Plus, if you're dining with kiddos, they have a menu designed just for them.

How Can One Order from Burgerville?

Ordering from Burgerville is as easy as pie. I placed my order online, choosing to collect at the store, but they do offer home delivery. If you prefer the classic drive-through experience, they have that too. And of course, there’s the good old counter order for those opting to eat in the restaurant. Talk about flexibility!

How Does Burgerville Cater to Dietary Considerations?

I must point out, Burgerville does an excellent job here. Their allergen information is on point, clearly enumerating meals for vegetarians and vegans. It's worth noting that while the main meals aren't exactly vegan-friendly, they do offer some dairy-free milkshake options. If you're unsure, take a look at their online nutrition page. It allows you to tick off the food items you cannot consume, and voila, you get a list safe for you to nibble on.

When Can You Visit Burgerville?

Though they focus on lunch and dinner, you can swing by any day of the week between 10am and 10pm. It's worth noting, certain holidays may alter these hours, but you can double-check on their website or give them a call beforehand.

Burgerville: Delicious but Sensible?

Well, we all know fast foods aren't typically healthy, especially when their star is a juicy burger. But Burgerville does offer some lighter options for the health-conscious amongst us. And remember, everything’s fine in moderation, right?

Recreating the Burgerville Magic at Home?

Unfortunately, most of their recipes are proprietary. And that's a bit of a bummer for those of us who might want to try whipping up a Berugerville-style burger at home. There are, however, a bunch of 'copycat' recipes online that might help you get close. And guess what? You can actually buy the famous Burgerville sauce in stores—your cooked-at-home burgers just got an upgrade!


  • Wide variety of burgers
  • Locally sourced ingredients
  • Flexible ordering options
  • Allergen information provided
  • Vegan-friendly milkshakes


  • Localized footprint—less accessible
  • Lack of vegan main meals
  • No published recipes for at-home cooks

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