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Burgerville menu prices featuring 57 items ranging from $0.60 to $11.14

Burgerville, one of the most popular chain restaurants on the Oregon-Washington state border, was founded in 1961. Opened by George Propstra in Vancouver, Washington, the first Burgerville restaurant offered a menu predominantly containing burger and sandwich dishes, as the name suggests.

Burgerville menu prices featuring 57 items ranging from $0.60 to $11.14

Burgerville serves lunch and dinner to customers throughout the day, and provides an extensive range of burger options in a selection of different meats, with vegetarian options available as well.

The first Burgerville was opened as a take-away restaurant in 1961. Burgerville was not the first restaurant to be opened by Propstra. Since the 1930s, he had been running his highly successful family restaurant, The Holland. After just a few months running his new burger business, George Prospra decided to open a second burger restaurant in the same take-out style.

Burgerville is famous for its lack of indoor seating. As the restaurant was designed to provide take-out and delivery when it first opened, lots of stores have been reluctant to introduce areas including tables for in-house dining. However, of the 36 Burgerville restaurants in and around the city of Portland, Oregon, all but one have now introduced seating areas for guests.

You can find out more about Burgerville and its restaurants on their website, which can be found here.

Which countries have Burgerville restaurants?

Burgerville is an extremely localised restaurant. Although it has 36 separate restaurants, they are all based in Northern Oregon and the South of Washington state. For this reason, Burgerville cannot be bought in any countries outside the USA, or indeed in any other states throughout the US.

For people who live close to Portland, Oregon or Vancouver, Washington, you'll have the possibility of ordering your food for delivery, but the drivers are only willing to go so far. Essentially, unless you live within an hour's drive of a Burgerville restaurant, it's unlikely you'll be able to order their food.

What is different about Burgerville?

Arguably, the most unique thing about Burgerville is its menu. Serving mainly burgers, the restaurant is different in its dedication to the dish, and has spent decades perfecting its original recipes whilst also experimenting with new ones. The other element of the chain which made it unusual in the past was its lack of seating for customers looking to eat in. Even now, the restaurant encourages customers to pick up their food or order delivery, but it is now possible to eat-in at most locations.

Burgerville prides itself on using local ingredients, all of which are sourced from within a 400 mile radius of the Vancouver area. The benefit of having every restaurant in a relatively small area is that each store can order ingredients from the same producers, meaning customers receive the same experience, no matter which location they visit.

As you can imagine, the main item on the Burgerville menu is the burger. However, the restaurant has split its menu into several sections. The main menu is made up of three separate categories, each of them containing burgers made with a different base. These sections are:

  • Beef burgers - most of the burgers on the Burgerville menu fall into this category, with both classic flavours and unique ones created by the restaurant.
  • Chicken and turkey burgers - for those who prefer a burger made with white meat, the Burgerville menu offers three poultry burgers, as well as a crispy chicken dish served with fries.
  • Fish and vegetarian - alongside their other options, Burgerville also caters to pescetarian and vegetarian diets, with a fish burger, a veggie burger and deep-fried halibut with fries.

But the Burgerville menu doesn't stop there. As well as their main menu, the restaurant also offers a kids menu containing some of the most popular dishes in a smaller portion size. The menu then continues as Burgerville provide several sides for their main meals, as well as a range of milkshakes, ice-creams and highly recommended ice-cream cookie sandwiches on their dessert menu.

How do I order from Burgerville?

The order process is fairly simple at Burgerville. Most people tend to opt for the online orders option, where you will simply be asked to either choose a store to click and collect from, or provide a home address for delivery. If you would like to order in person, then you have two options.

The first of these options is to use the drive-through, where you'll speak to someone through a microphone and receive it through a window, meaning you can order and collect your food without even having to leave the car. If you would prefer to order at a till, you can do so in-store, which then gives you the choice of either eating-in or taking-away. There are lots of options when it comes to ordering from Burgerville.

Does Burgerville cater to special dietary requirements?

Burgerville does an excellent job of providing allergen information on their menu, including a labelling system which tells you which meals are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Although none of the main meals are suitable for vegans, lots of their milkshakes are made with milk substitutes, and so are dairy-free.

If you're unsure about which products follow your dietary needs, visit the Burgerville website. They have a nutrition page which allows you to tick the food you cannot consume and shows you a list of every dish on their menu which is safe for you to eat.

What are Burgerville's opening hours?

Despite only serving lunch and dinner foods, Burgerville is open from 10am-10pm every day of the week. Opening times can vary depending on which restaurant you choose to visit and may be affected by certain holidays (such as Christmas and Thanksgiving).

Is Burgerville healthy?

As a general rule, most fast-food restaurants are not healthy, especially when their menu is primarily made-up of burgers. That said, Burgerville does have a number of lighter, lower-calorie options. In some stores, it's possible to order salads as an alternative to greasy burgers or other fried foods. However, fast food can be eaten as a treat as long as it does not become a regular meal.

Unfortunately, most of Burgerville's recipes are a well-kept secret. However, if you want to try your hand at copying certain items from the Burgerville menu, there are plenty of "copycat" recipes on the internet which you can follow to try and get a homemade meal which tastes almost the same as the real thing.

One of the items which you can buy in the supermarket is the Burgerville burger sauce. This is what gives the burgers that signature flavour, so if you're looking to upgrade your own burgers or trying to re-create the restaurant's classic at home, this could be the purchase you need.

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