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Cheddars menu prices featuring 80 items ranging from $1.49 to $19.99

A scratch kitchen is everything you could want in a kitchen. In restaurant terms, in case you didn't know, a scratch kitchen is a kitchen that makes everything in-house. From bread to burgers and everything in between.

Cheddars menu prices featuring 80 items ranging from $1.49 to $19.99

It is by far the best way to ensure quality and drastically improves flavor profiles, as well as making the dishes a lot healthier. Goodbye additives and preservatives! Cheddar's serves a plethora of American favorites such as chicken pot pie, steaks, and burgers, if you think of a classic all-American dish – Cheddar's more than likely make it from scratch.

Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen is open in all locations for lunch and dinner serving fresh, wholesome food, 7 days a week!

Cheddar's scratch kitchen was founded in 1979 by Aubrey Good and Doug Rogers, before ultimately being brought out by the Darden Restaurants group, who have helped it thrive into the national conglomerate that it is today. It started with one restaurant in Texas, in 1979, and quickly grew to 42 locations in 13 states. Private equity firms tend to notice when a business does so exceptionally well so fast, and it's only natural that Cheddar's was purchased by Darden Restaurants shortly after 2003's earnings report of $150 million in revenue for this little mom-and-pop food chain!

You can find out more about Cheddar's story, like how they used to be called Cheddar's Casual Café, on their website about us page. You can find that by clicking here.

Why is Cheddar's so good?

Cheddar's has a great philosophy that has never wavered from the day they opened their very first restaurant, over 40 years ago. The importance of making everything with love, from scratch, is what separates a good restaurant from a great one. The difference in flavor that baking your croissants makes compared to simply buying them frozen is night and day, and makes the world of difference to a guest's dining experience. All ingredients are brought in fresh, daily, to ensure that they are of the highest quality and THAT is what makes Cheddar's stand-out from the rest of the pack!

Is Cheddar's a family-friendly restaurant?

You bet! Cheddar's is a wonderfully inclusive restaurant that strives to provide high-quality food, especially to children. It is far too common in the restaurant industry to push children to the side and provide only the bare minimum on a kid's menu that is almost exclusively made up of frozen food out of the freezer with little thought and no love put into the dish. Cheddar's are different. Not only will Cheddar's provide all of your kids' favorite dishes for a low price, but they will also make them from scratch with the love and attention they deserve. Do you want chicken fingers? No worries, they'll be made fresh to order. If you need any clarification about portion sizes or want to amend a dish to suit your child's wants or needs, just ask your server, and they will be more than happy to accommodate you.

What steps do Cheddar's' take to respect dietary requirements and allergens?

Everyone is different, we all have our dietary needs. Some people don't eat meat, and some people can't eat dairy, whatever your dietary requires Cheddar's are more than equipped to accommodate you with a menu that is both inclusive and detailed you are sure to find something that's right for you. Part of the reason a scratch kitchen is such a remarkable concept is it allows kitchen staff to know exactly what goes into each dish. They no down to the teeniest pinch of salt whether a dish will be suitable for you and your needs. Additionally, since each dish is made from scratch, it is almost always possible to alter a dish ever so slightly so that it is now suitable for you and your dietary requirements.

If you want to have a look through the Cheddar's menu before you make a reservation, go right ahead. Here you will find a nutritional guide to every dish on the menu to ensure you know exactly what you are putting into your body.

The Cheddar's scratch kitchen menu is as vast as it is delicious, so don't be shocked if you are overwhelmed with all the wonderful options when you first sit down to order. Out of everything the menu has to offer, there are a few standouts that tend to be more popular than the rest, especially with the regulars. First, there is the chicken pot pie. Fresh ingredients, a rich creamy sauce, and warm, buttery, flaky pastry. How can you not find that inviting? The country fried chicken and Santa Fe spinach dip are also fan favorites that will keep you coming back time and time again. Oh, and the number eight special, the chicken tender platter, is always a hit with the children. Naturally.

Does Cheddar's serve alcohol?

The love and devotion that Cheddar's puts into its food are mirrored in their choices of drinks. Sure, you have bottled beer ranging from American favorites to local microbreweries, but you also have delicious wines from around the world as well as cocktails. Cocktails, that absolutely make any dinner reservation at Cheddar's worthwhile. Their delicious signature cocktail, The Painkiller, is their take on the classic Piña colada as it adds fresh orange juice to the mix and makes a great accompaniment to a rich and hearty meal.

Is Cheddar's healthy?

Yes, cheddar's is indeed healthy. If the nutritional guide above didn't highlight that enough for you, just think about how much better you feel after a home-cooked meal compared to grabbing a fast food burger from a major chain. Cheddar's bring that home-cooked, hearty, and filling, but full of that good feeling that only your mom's home cooking can provide. Since their chefs are creating fresh dishes to order, you know that you are only getting the best ingredients of the highest quality time and time again. The difference that cutting out all additives and preservatives of frozen foods are so often full of makes is staggering. And is the reason Cheddar's has remained a family favorite for almost fifty years.

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A scratch kitchen is everything you could want in a kitchen. In restaurant terms, in case you didn't know, a scratch kitchen is a kitchen that makes everything in-house. From bread to burgers and everything in between.

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