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Cheddars menu prices featuring 79 items ranging from $1.49 to $19.99

A scratch kitchen is everything you could want in a kitchen. In restaurant terms, in case you didn't know, a scratch kitchen is a kitchen that makes everything in-house. From bread to burgers and everything in between.

Cheddars menu prices featuring 79 items ranging from $1.49 to $19.99

From the very moment I walked into Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen, one thing that stood clear - they didn't compromise on the quality of their dishes! As someone who prefers a healthier diet, I was considerably impressed by the lack of additives and preservatives in their food. It was clear to me that this was the magic that crafted the unique flavor profiles of their dishes. Whether you're a fan of a classic chicken pot pie, succulent steaks, or juicy burgers, Cheddar's got you covered. They truly embody the concept of all-American comfort food.

One striking feature of Cheddar’s is its year-round availability for lunch and dinner, 7 days a week! They have an array of locations serving fresh, wholesome food and that too, with pride and enthusiasm.

I can still perfectly recall my vivid visit to Cheddar’s. Born from the humble beginning in Texas in 1979 by Aubrey Good and Doug Rogers, it came under the umbrella of the Darden Restaurants group. The journey of the brand is impressive. A single restaurant that expanded to 42 lively locations in 13 states, so quickly, meticulously preserving its winning philosophy - it's no wonder they attracted the attention of private equity firms. Their surge in revenue to $150 million by 2003 signaled their conspicuous triumph!

The complete narrative of their rise and transformation is available on their website, and as a food enthusiast, their transformation from Cheddar's Casual Café to Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen intrigued me.

Why do I feel Cheddar's is exceptional?

The irrefutable answer is, of course, their conscientious focus on quality. Having tasted countless meals at many restaurants, the freshness at Cheddar’s was palpable from their handmade croissants to their fresh ingredients brought in daily. It seems to me that such adherence to standards is what sets them apart. They are true to the essence of scratch cooking, bringing a tangible difference to my dining experience.

Is Cheddar's a family-friendly haunt?

A firm 'Yes' from me! Cheddar's is far from the typical restaurant that offers basic, uninspiring kid's menus. They truly ensure that even the kid's food is fresh and made with love, raising the bar for quality standards. My nephew, a hard-to-please little gourmet, was thrilled with his fresh-to-order chicken fingers. The attentive and friendly staff, willing to adjust portion sizes and alter dishes, made our dining experience a lot smoother and enjoyable.

How does Cheddar's cater to dietary requirements and allergens?

The inclusive and detailed menu is a testament to Cheddar's commitment to catering to diverse dietary needs. The highlight of a scratch kitchen? The absolute control over what goes into each dish. No matter your dietary requirement - be it vegetarianism or lactose intolerance, they excel in tweaking dishes to suit individual preferences. My best friend, a vegan, was amazed at how Cheddar's wonderfully blended her needs without compromising on taste.

Still not convinced? Feel free to checkout Cheddar's nutritional guide.

The variety of their menu can be overwhelming. Apart from the unforgettable chicken pot pie I had, I also found the country fried chicken and Santa Fe spinach dip irresistible. And of course, the no.8 special, the chicken tender platter was a hit with my little nephew!

Does Cheddar's serve alcohol?

Absolutely! Cheddar's did not disappoint me in their choice of drinks. From bottled beer to international wines, they have a wonderful selection which you can enjoy along with your meal. Their signature Painkiller cocktail was the perfect delight to end the day. It was their vibrant take on the classic Piña colada which just made my meal complete.

Is Cheddar's healthy?

The feeling I got after my meal at Cheddar's was akin to the satisfaction after a home-cooked meal. Their insistence on using only top-quality ingredients gave an irrefutable assurance of health. The noticeable absence of common additives and preservatives also further testified to their commitment to health and wellness. And that, my friends, is why Cheddar's has been the go-to place for families for nearly 50 years

*** Here's a quick snapshot of my pros and cons from my visit to Cheddar's:


  • Wholesome food made from scratch
  • Diverse menu catering to children and people with dietary needs
  • High-quality, refreshing drinks selection, including crafted cocktails
  • Available throughout the week for lunch and dinner
  • Family-friendly atmosphere with accommodating staff


  • Potentially overwhelming menu for first-time visitors
  • Occasional busy periods might mean longer wait times

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