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Farmer Boys menu prices featuring 83 items ranging from $1.79 to $11.89

??Farmer Boys was founded by five brothers in 1981. 40 years on, they have nearly 100 restaurants in California, Nevada, and Arizona and their expansion is due to a well-organized franchise operation. Farmer Boys restaurants started as a dream of five burger-loving boys, who still believe to this day that the most important thing in a restaurant is the quality and freshness of the ingredients used.

Farmer Boys menu prices featuring 83 items ranging from $1.79 to $11.89

When chowing down at Farmer Boys, the first thing that hits me is the acclaim they've earned for their wide selection of burgers, breakfasts, salads, and sandwiches. It's clear from the first bite that every meal is cooked just right - made-to-order - and the freshest of ingredients take center stage. The best part? Nearly all of these ingredients come straight from local farmers. They truly practice what they preach: providing fresh and high-quality meals.

From eggs to burger buns, coffee to orange juice, and even their widely loved Always Crispy Fries - they all owe their deliciousness to local growers and suppliers. Whether it be the Columbia River Basin or sunny Southern California, Farmer Boys really goes extra miles to secure the freshest produce they can find from the best-in-class experts dotted around the nation.

Their menu is nothing short of a culinary festival. With varieties of award-winning burgers (I'm talking about 10 totally different types here) for the carnivores, a diverse array of breakfast choices like burritos, egg sandwiches, omelets and of course, the delightful hot cakes and French toast for the sweet-toothed. Let's not leave out the hand-chopped salads and wraps, towering stacked sandwiches, and tantalizing fish platters – all of which left a lasting impression on my taste buds. A special mention of their kid-friendly menu that includes a neat cheeseburger or 2-piece chicken strips with a side of their legendary crispy fries.

The Farm-to-table philosophy that Farmer Boys have so effectively maintained transcends beyond their food choices. It was impressive to see that the quality of service remained consistent, whether I ordered online for pickup or visited one of their 91 California locations directly. It tasted equally amazing when I tried their food at a Nevada restaurant too. Their motto stands true in every sense, "the fresher the food, the better it tastes".

Brief history of the Farmer Boys founders

Before taking the restaurant industry by storm, the five brothers who laid the cornerstone of Farmer Boys were seasoned hands at working in their family’s farm. I believe the anecdote does emphasize their inherent connection with fresh produce, which has been a secret ingredient in earning Farmer Boys' food its unique charm over the years.

The Local Farmers Connection

Wherever possible, Farmer Boys reach out to local, certified farmers, who they regard as their extended family. In my opinion, these alliances truly resonate in the rich tastes of their meals.

Not Your Typical Fast-food Joint

The founders of Farmer Boys are clear on their vision: they are not your typical fast-food restaurant. They stand strong in their belief of providing high-quality farm-fresh meals - and it clearly shows. I walked away from my meal feeling reenergized and ready for my day, rather than feeling the need to take a nap.

Charity Efforts at Farmer Boys

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the chain has raised over $1 million to aid Children’s Health since launching their fundraising initiatives in 2000. This grounded commitment to children's health, education, and progress speaks volumes about their values.

VIF Loyalty Club

For frequent visitors like me, the VIF Loyalty Club (stands for Very Important Farmer) is a welcome addition. The app is your ticket to earning points for each dollar spent, which you can redeem later. It also has some nice perks like exclusive offers and birthday surprises.

Meet the Scarecrow at Farmer Boys

The Scarecrow is more than just a mascot at Farmer Boys. I was told that he is in charge of protecting all the fresh farm produce – quite a charming concept!

And Finally, Are the Awards Real?

A resounding yes, just in 2022 alone, Farmer Boys brought home over 15 awards for their delightful meals including the coveted titles like Best Burger, Best Diner, Best Deep Fried Fast Food, Best Fast Food Breakfast Orders, and Best Breakfast Sandwich.

  • Fresh and high-quality ingredients.
  • Wide variety of meals on menu.
  • Amazing connection with local farmers.
  • Consistent taste and service across all locations.
  • Charitable efforts for Children's Health.
  • Brilliant Loyalty Club with benefits.
  • Competent in delivering both sweet and savory dishes.
  • Genuinely 'award-winning' meals.
  • Limited vegan options on the menu.
  • Can be a bit pricey for some guests.
  • Portions size could be bigger.
  • Not all ingredients are locally sourced.

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