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Farmer Boys menu prices featuring 83 items ranging from $1.79 to $11.89

??Farmer Boys was founded by five brothers in 1981. 40 years on, they have nearly 100 restaurants in California, Nevada, and Arizona and their expansion is due to a well-organized franchise operation. Farmer Boys restaurants started as a dream of five burger-loving boys, who still believe to this day that the most important thing in a restaurant is the quality and freshness of the ingredients used.

Farmer Boys menu prices featuring 83 items ranging from $1.79 to $11.89

Famous for their burgers, breakfasts, salads and sandwiches, Farmer Boys makes sure all meals are cooked-to-order and that almost all the fresh ingredients, used daily in their restaurants, are bought directly from local farmers. 

Eggs, burger buns, coffee, orange juice and even the potatoes they use for their Always Crispy Fries come from local farmers. From the Columbia River Basin to Southern California, Farmer Boys has looked for the freshest produce and the best-in class experts around America, so they can make sure that what they give every day to their customers, has the best quality. 

The menu includes 10 different types of award-winning burgers; a hearty breakfast selection ranging burritos, egg sandwiches and platters, omelets and, for the ones with a sweeter tooth, hot cakes and French toast; hand-chopped salads and wraps; 10+ tall, stacked sandwiches; chicken strips and fish platters. Farmer Boys has a special menu for their younger customers, who can choose either a cheeseburger or a plate of 2-chicken strips with a side of their famous crisp fries. 

With online orders available for either pickup or delivery in 15 of their 91 California locations, Farmer Boys' philosophy extends to all their nearly 100 restaurants. It doesn’t matter if you are visiting a California or a Nevada Framer Boys restaurant, you will always find cooked-to-order meals made with the freshest and best quality ingredients because they believe that that is the core of their business and that “the fresher the food, the better it tastes”. 

What did the 5 Farmer Boys founders do before they started the restaurant business? 

Before they opened Farmer Boys restaurants, the 5 brothers who are now the founders of this restaurant chain used to work at their family’s farm, working the soil. It is believed that this upbringing, so close to fresh and high-quality produce, is what made the Farmer Boys' food so special until this day. The 5 burger-lovers knew that the best meals came from the best ingredients, and that is rooted in their values since the moment the first Farmer Boys restaurant opened more than 40 years ago. 

Do all the ingredients used at Farmer Boys restaurants come from local farmers? 

Every time it is possible, Farmer Boys buy their ingredients from local, certified farmers, who they consider their extended family. 

The potatoes they use to make their famous Always Crispy Fries grow on a specific type of soil for over nine months, and they come from family farms in the Columbia River Basin. The buns for their award-winning burgers are bought from Galasso’s Bakery in California, which went from being just a family-owned business to a full-line bakery with a team made of the finest bakers in the world. The eggs, which play a special part on the breakfast menu, come from 100% cage-free chicken from Hickman Farms. Their “Farm-Bottle-Table” juice comes from a thousand acres of citrus farm in Western North America called Perricone Farms which is known for growing the sweetest fruits. Finally, the coffee served in all Farmer Boys restaurants comes from Lingle Brothers who roast their coffee in sunny Southern California.

Is Farmer Boys a fast-food restaurant? 

The Farmer Boys founders’ vision is that no, Farmer Boys is not a fast-food restaurant but a farm-fresh food restaurant. Because of their farmers-to-table philosophy, Famer Boys can always serve their customers food that comes from the earth, from the farm, not from the supermarket. In their words, when you finish your meal at Farmer Boys you are not ready to take a nap, instead, you are recharged to get to work and that is the difference between their food and the food served at a fast-food restaurant. 

Is it true that Farmer Boys have raised over $1 million to support Children’s Health? 

Yes, it is true! Since 2000, when they first started their fundraising activities, they have raised, from their customers, more than $1 million. Farm Boys believe that it is their mission to support children’s health, education, and advancement as they represent the foundations of our future. Apart from providing incentives for schools and raising money for various hospitals and children’s centers, Farmer Boys also help sports organizations. On top of that, every time a new Farmer Boys restaurant opens, the restaurant owners partner with a local school and 100% of the sales from the grand opening day are directly donated to the school. 

Do Farmer Boys have a Loyalty Club? 

Yes, they do. Called the VIF Loyalty Club, where VIF stands for Very Important Farmer, the loyalty club from Farmer Boys is an app where you can register all the dishes you purchase at one of their nearly 100 Farmer Boys locations. Through the app, you will earn one point for each dollar spent, which then can be used to purchase delicious dishes made with the freshest and best quality ingredients; get exclusive member-only offers and birthday surprises, among other things. 

Who is the Scarecrow at Farmer Boys? 

The Scarecrow at Farmer Boys is their mascot. They say the Scarecrow was hired as the Head of Security and is in charge of protecting all the fresh farm produce which is transformed into tasteful food at any Farmer Boys restaurant. 

Do they mean it when they say “award-winning” meals? 

Yes, they do, just in 2022 alone, Farmer Boys have won more than 15 awards for their fresh food meals. From Best Burger to Best Diner, Famer Boys were awarded for their Zucchini Sticks (Best Deep Fried Fast Food), their French Toast Platter (Best Fast Food Breakfast Orders), and their Best Breakfast Sandwich.

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