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Ruby Tuesday menu prices featuring 87 items ranging from $1.00 to $20.99

Ruby Tuesday restaurants have the usual American dining experience written all over them when you visit anyone. They promise customers true southern dining pleasure with their signature handcrafted burgers and drinks. Before expanding, it was a full-on bar-and-grill restaurant that served customers handcrafted burgers, steaks, ribs, and so on.

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Ruby Tuesday menu prices featuring 87 items ranging from $1.00 to $20.99

Ruby Tuesday is known for its burgers, barbequed ribs, and steaks. Their signature meal, Ruby Cheeseburgers, has two brioche buns stuffed with hardwood smoked bacon, cheese, fresh lettuce, tomatoes, and onions.

The first restaurant was opened in 1972 by Sandy Beall, then a business-savvy 21 old University of Tennessee student. With the help of friends and a former employer, he opened the first Ruby Tuesday close to the University of Tennessee campus. Ruby Tuesday has surpassed these humble beginnings and is now a renowned casual dining restaurant in the US and a few other countries. The restaurant chain has expanded and presently has over 200+ locations in 43 states in the US and 13 more countries.

Ruby Tuesday remains a traditional family-friendly dining restaurant serving meals at all times; breakfast, lunch, or dinner. In addition to dine-in services, the restaurant offers pick-up and delivery services and catering services for major events. You can order any of their meals and book their catering services here.

What is Ruby Tuesday Meal Hours?

Ruby Tuesday restaurants are usually open for customers all seven days a week. They are a dine-in restaurant, and their food service periods are four periods:

  • Breakfast - served from 8 AM-11 AM daily
  • Lunch & Dinner - served from 11 AM till closing daily
  • Local Eats - served from 11 AM till closing daily
  • Happy Hour - served from 3 PM till -6 PM daily

The menu has a large selection of mouth-watering meals that cover a wide range of food offerings. It has everything from meals for meat lovers to veggie-based meals for health-conscious customers. Their menu displays the following food sections:

  • Burgers and Ribeyes like Bacon Cheeseburgers and a Double Meat Combo comprising Oz Ribeye with BBQ Shrimp.
  • Appetizers like Loaded Cheese Fries, Coconut Shrimp Appetizers, and Mozzarella Sticks.
  • Ribs and Steaks, which include Smothered BBQ Sirloins served with mashed potatoes.
  • Fit and Trim, with salad and veggie-based meals with less than 700 calories per serving.
  • Chicken meals of different kinds like Chicken Parmesan, Asiago Bacon Chicken, and Hickory Bourbon Chicken.
  • Seafood like Coconut Shrimp Platter, Grilled Salmon, and Hickory Bourbon Glazed salmons.

Other menu options available include desserts like coconut chip cookies, sandwiches like grilled chicken sandwiches, and fresh pasta.

Do the Meals Served in Ruby Tuesday Restaurants Have Dietary Labels?

Yes, all the meals on the menu at any Ruby Tuesday have dietary labels customers can readily check. The menus have the ingredients list used for all meals with the calorie count for each meal. Typically, each location has its cooking protocol, so they ensure that each meal is labeled accordingly.

Yes, there is a kid-friendly section on the menu in all Ruby Tuesday restaurants. The restaurant prides itself as a family-friendly eating venue and has smaller servings aimed at kids. From its grilled chicken to its crispy shrimp meal, all its major home-based meals are reduced, in size and calorie count, so they are okay for kids.

Is Ruby Tuesday Vegetarian-friendly?

You would be surprised to learn that Ruby Tuesday, a restaurant known for high-calorie fat-based burgers and steaks, also offers tasty vegan meals. The restaurant has a salad bar in each location. The salad bar is for all its health-conscious customers and those on diets. The salad meals, dressing with baked potatoes, and other menu items with no animal products complete their vegan offerings. They also have a plant-based substitute called “awesome patty” used for their meat-free burgers.

What Is Ruby Tuesday Approach to Food Safety and Allergies?

The restaurant takes extra care to ensure that meals prepared for allergic customers are not mixed. They do this to prevent cross-contamination. The restaurant prepares most of its meals with milk, eggs, soybean, tree nut, and shellfish and advises customers on this. Customers are encouraged to use their interactive online allergen menu to pick restaurant branches that cater to their food restrictions.

Ruby Tuesday has a healthy cocktail offering of specialty drinks. Each drink has several premium spirits and fruits in it. The cocktail menu has eight sections:

  • Seasonal options
  • $5 Premium Options
  • Ultimate Cocktails has drinks like Ultimate Patron Margarita and the Ruby Relaxer
  • Refreshing Cocktails include drinks like Lavender Pear martini and Acai Mojito
  • Frozen Concoctions with drinks like the Superfruit Cooler.
  • Craft Beers
  • Premium Wine
  • Zero Proof is an adult drink made with all-natural ingredients and juices.

How Do I Order Food in Ruby Tuesday?

There are three food service options available in every Ruby Tuesday restaurant. You can either dine in, pick up, or order a delivery of any of their meal. When dining in the restaurant, you are usually answered by a server or at the counter. You can choose a pick-up or delivery option using the Ruby Tuesday website. The pick-up feature allows you to get your meal and leave, while the delivery option will have it brought to you.

Does Ruby Tuesday Offer Catering Services?

Most Ruby Tuesday restaurants have catering services for any patron interested in hiring them. They are listed as available here, and you can hire them at times, such as:

  • Sundays from 2 PM- 8 PM.
  • Mondays through Thursdays from 8 AM -8 PM.
  • Fridays, 8 AM- 6 PM.

Does Ruby Tuesday Have Active Deals and Special Meal Promos?

There are daily deals and food promos for loyal and new patrons. They have different promos running on all days of the week. The restaurants promote this as a big way to save and are available for all their customers. For example, the Endless Garden Bar Combo promo on Mondays allows patrons unlimited access to their salad bar for $9.99.

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