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Whataburger menu prices featuring 103 items ranging from $0.40 to $9.29

Almost 1,000 restaurants compose this fast-food chain. It’s the result of a bright, determined, and motivated entrepreneur with a knack for making burgers that people can’t resist. Something that was spawned back to its birthday of the first store on the day of August 8, 1950. Proclaiming it loudly.

Whataburger menu prices featuring 103 items ranging from $0.40 to $9.29

Powered by over 50,000 employees, ensuring a truly 24X7 experience is available, and a reputation for cooking up tasty burgers with the best ingredients money can buy. Without having to break the bank, just to embrace this accomplishment. Over 850 stores and only growing stronger. WHAT-A-BURGER!

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Which countries have a Whataburger restaurant?

Since it also has a franchise model tied to it, Whataburger has been seen entering US markets such as those in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and other parts of the Southern US. Originally from San Antonio, where the world saw the brand’s birth during the hot month of August 1950.

Don’t let the footprint of this industry giant known as Whataburger fool you though. They are spreading rapidly, with an astounding number of locations (over nine hundred (900) at the time of this writing). Other countries have not been adopted into their strategy, but we think they will as their strong positioned.

What is different about Whataburger?

First, it is one of the only fast-food chains left that operates 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. Plus, they have an awesome menu to boot, which catches the eye immediately.

  • Always serving quality meals, hot and fresh. One might call it made-to-order.

The days of leaving the patties warming on the grill until the next victim walks up and makes their payment for a low-quality burger are gone. At least it is for those that embrace Whataburger, the level of service that sets industry standards, and their level of quality.

Whataburger came into the market by storm, offering their guests a better experience with better ingredients one only sees with the best and most beautifully orchestrated platters. And even though they have changed in terms of managing entities, they are still the same.

  • Known for their first a-framed restaurant, with an orange and white striped roof.

Their touch of architectural bliss helped make their restaurants unique places to go out and eat whether by yourself or with friends and family. In fact, Whataburger had the first a-frame restaurant to ever exist. Topped with orange and white stripes on their roof as an eyecatcher.

  • Quality costs a little more than the cheap stuff, but the taste says it all.

When it comes to the food at Whataburger, you can really taste the difference. If you are one of those that would rather embrace the finer cuisines in life, this would more than likely become your fast food of choice. Preferring it over its competitors every day of the week, at any time.

Is Whataburger affordable? Or is it majorly overpriced?

We’ll answer that for you.

When you compare it to the likes of the dollar meal, you’re going to be paying a little more than that to be honest. Quality ingredients usually have premium prices. And the prices at Whataburger restaurants everywhere reflect the price tag one would expect for a quality product and level of service.

While it may not be the cheapest spot, it’s the quality you pay for.

Being a restaurant focused on American food, they feature burgers, chicken sandwiches, chicken tenders, patty melts, and salads. Oh, and we can’t forget the traditional breakfast items like biscuit sandwiches, muffin sandwiches, and the staple of breakfast known as the breakfast burrito.

You can also get French fries, fried sides/snacks, and even apple pie, cinnamon rolls, and fudge brownies. On top of the milkshakes that they’re known for being a perfectionist at making, and for a reason, they have a chance of earning their share of today’s fast-food industry.

Just think of it as a burger shack, on a much bigger scale and steering away from serving low-quality food just for a cheaper price when it comes to paying their vendors. The names shall be withheld, but there are too many chain restaurants who weren’t strong enough to take this position and it shows.

Do Whataburger restaurants have kids’ meals? What kind?

Yes, and they can come with French fries or another side as well as a drink of choice. The selection of Whataburger kids’ meals is simple with just 3 items included. Chicken tenders, grilled cheese, or hamburger. Nothing too minimalistic, but nothing too fancy either.

How To Order from Your Local Whataburger INSTANTLY.

Being a nationally present chain has made it easier for Whataburger to make progress in this specific arena. As they have more resources to throw at the project of rolling it out than some of the more local brands who aren’t part of a big chain. Either way, Whataburger has done it well.

Expect modern ordering experience through mediums such as:

1. At a Whataburger location near you and serving your area.

The restaurants of this major American restaurant chain are known for cleanliness, friendliness, and providing guests with the most comfortable yet modern experience possible. It’s nothing more than a fast-food restaurant, so nothing fancy except for fantastic prices, great service, and great food.

2. Going to and placing your order online.

3. Using a provider of food delivery such as DoorDash or Postmates.

What are Whataburger’s business hours?

Known for being one of the only fast-food chains to stick to their guns when it came to providing service around the clock, even amidst a pandemic that changed the world we live in as we know it. Quite a feat, considering even the market leaders that surround them on the ratings were unable to achieve this.

They clearly know their place in this world, and where they can provide their customers with the most benefit and best experience possible and clearly within their means, or able to be such with a little bit of innovation and innovative approaches to ensure they remain an adaptable company for years to come.

Does Whataburger offer delivery?

Yes, visit their website or the app/website of your preferred delivery service for more info. All stores have their own set of delivery partners available to their local market currently. So, all options are store specific. However, we know they usually have no issues with top food delivery companies.

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Almost 1,000 restaurants compose this fast-food chain. It’s the result of a bright, determined, and motivated entrepreneur with a knack for making burgers that people can’t resist. Something that was spawned back to its birthday of the first store on the day of August 8, 1950. Proclaiming it loudly.


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