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Whataburger menu prices featuring 103 items ranging from $0.40 to $9.29

Almost 1,000 restaurants compose this fast-food chain. It’s the result of a bright, determined, and motivated entrepreneur with a knack for making burgers that people can’t resist. Something that was spawned back to its birthday of the first store on the day of August 8, 1950. Proclaiming it loudly.

Whataburger menu prices featuring 103 items ranging from $0.40 to $9.29

Let me tell you about the time I first tried out Whataburger - the iconic orange and white striped fast food restaurant that is loved by many. Staffed by more than 50,000 hardworking individuals, this powerhouse of a fast-food chain boasts of 24/7 service and a reputation for whipping up the tastiest burgers with the finest ingredients one could purchase. In fact, you can enjoy all these luxuries without emptying your wallet. WHAT-A-BURGER!

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Where Can You Find a Whataburger Restaurant?

It's interesting to note that Whataburger spreads its fast-food cheer far and wide. You can find this fast food phenomenon in various corners of the US, including Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and other parts of the southern US. Born in the sizzling heat of August 1950 in San Antonio, it has not looked back since.

However, don't be misled by the vast reach of this fast-food titan. Despite having nailed down a whopping number of locations (more than 900 at last count!), they're not stopping there. While they have yet to explore markets beyond the US, it doesn't seem far-fetched to assume they could venture farther soon.

What Stands Out About Whataburger?

First and foremost, it is one of the very few fast-food chains that operate round-the-clock. Plus, the menu is a total knockout. It's immediately noticeable how they're dedicated to serving warm, fresh, and high-quality meals, made to order. No longer are we subjected to the dreaded sight of patties neglected on the grill, awaiting the next unsuspecting customer.

What struck me about Whataburger, besides its unparalleled level of service and quality, was their architectural charm. Their restaurants, with their signature a-frame design and the elegant orange and white color scheme, stand out as unique spots for a quick solo meal or even a casual dine-out session with friends and family. In fact, Whataburger was the pioneer of the a-frame restaurant design.

Here's something else worth mentioning - while you're likely to pay a tad bit more than at other joints, I guarantee you it's worth every cent. The moment you take a bite of their food, you're reminded of the old saying: quality over quantity. So, if you're a foodie like me, this is definitely your go-to fast food restaurant.

Is Whataburger Affordable?

Well, it's not necessarily the cheapest option out there, but you're paying for top-notch quality. When you really break it down, the slightly higher prices reflect the superior products and service you receive at their outlets. That's something I've come to appreciate about them.

Whataburger offers the classic American food experience, dishing out everything from burgers, chicken sandwiches, patty melts, to salads. They also serve breakfast items like biscuit sandwiches, muffin sandwiches, and the breakfast burrito. And did I mention their sides and snacks? You can enjoy fries, apple pie, cinnamon rolls, and fudge brownies, among other things. Pair your meal with one of their scrumptious milkshakes, which of course, took me right back to my childhood.

Do Whataburger Restaurants Offer Kids' Meals?

Yes, they do! With options like chicken tenders, grilled cheese, or a simple hamburger, paired with fries or another side and a beverage of choice, it's plain and simple for the young ones.

How Can You Order from Your Local Whataburger?

The fact that Whataburger is present nationwide has definitely made ordering more efficient and convenient. You can easily place your order at a nearby location, through their official website, or opt for delivery services like DoorDash or Postmates. When I tried it, the online ordering process was smooth and delivered my meal nice and hot.

What Are Whataburger's Business Hours?

Whataburger truly stands out by remaining open 24/7, even amidst the pandemic. This truly impressed me, as even the leading fast-food chains around them weren't able to achieve this. It just goes to show how committed they are to serving their customers at all times.

Does Whataburger Offer Delivery?

Yes, they do! You can check their website or your preferred delivery service app for more info. It's a convenient option and in my experience, they usually have no issues with top food delivery companies.


  • Delicious food made from high-quality ingredients
  • Excellent service and cleanliness
  • 24/7 availability
  • Great online experience on their website and with delivery services


  • Prices can be a bit higher compared to other fast food outlets
  • Food options, while delicious, are typical of fast food restaurants

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