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White Castle menu prices featuring 112 items ranging from $0.39 to $17.99

If you like hamburgers, you should know White Castle. This restaurant is known for being the first American fast food chain, and it was born in 1921. This year, the cooker Walter Anderson founded a local restaurant in Wichita (Kansas), to sell small square hamburgers. Thereafter, in 1926, he decided to talk to the insurance broker Billy Ingram to open a fourth local and started the White Castle System of Eating Houses Corporation.

White Castle menu prices featuring 112 items ranging from $0.39 to $17.99

My Visit to White Castle: A Feast of Sliders and More!

Recently, I decided to step into the world of White Castle - a place famous for mini burgers, better known as 'sliders'. Now, who could resist those cute, little things? Especially at the starting price of just five cents a pop! The whole concept was meant to encourage "Cravers" (as White Castle lovingly calls its customers) to buy loads of these tasty, affordable bite-sized burgers. Thus, the idea of takeaway food was born, along with the catchy slogan "Selling 'em by the Sack". An interesting takeaway from my visit? I discovered this joint actually pioneered the concept of fast food!

Originally a Kansas establishment, White Castle changed its headquarters to Columbus, Ohio in 1933. That was when Billy Ingram got hold of Anderson's stocks. Fast forward to 2021, the slider hub celebrated a remarkable 100 years, making their grand Florida debut. Now that's a century-old legacy housed within castle walls, painted in a pristine white.

So what's the big deal with these sliders? These square-shaped burgers come with a choice of meat, chicken, or bacon. Add fries on the side, perhaps bacon and cheese filled, or go for onion rings, chicken rings. And if you've got a party at home, there's the 'Crave Crate', which packs a massive 100 sliders. White Castle serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, making it an all-day favorite.

Find out more about my slide-ful encounter here.

Where Can I Find a White Castle Outlet?

Currently, White Castle's empire extends to around 380 locations in the United States, with a strong presence in the Midwest. The states to have these mini-castle joints include Illinois (the slider king with 62 locations), Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, Kentucky, New Jersey, New York, Tennessee, Minnesota, Nevada, Arizona, and the newbie, Florida.

If you're unsure about the next White Castle in your vicinity, hit up their locations link to map your way to the closest one.

What Sets White Castle Apart?

The concept of sliders revolutionized the food industry. These square-shaped, mini-burgers were a hot sell due to their unique size and highly affordable price point. A fun fact about White Castle's cooking method? They don't grill their steaks but steam it, lending the meat a super unique flavor profile. And don't miss the noticeable five holes in the chicken and meat - they're there to let the steam cook the insides.

White Castle is known to maintain consistency in their food flavor and quality across locations - a practice that makes them a legitimate pioneer in the fast-food industry.

White Castle's menu spread is quite impressive. You've got dishes like 'The 1921 Ghost'- a burger filled with seasoned beef, pepper cheese, onions, tomato, pickles, and lettuce. You can indulge in breakfast sliders, crispy chicken breast sliders, veggies sliders and more. The sides aren't any ordinary, either. Onion rings, mozzarella sticks, clam strips... you name it, they've got it.

Wrap up your meal with 'dessert on a stick' - they have strawberry cheesecake, fudge dipped cheesecake, and even a fudge dipped brownie one. And hey, don't forget to grab a cold drink or a shake to wash it all down.

How Do I Order from White Castle?

Ordering up a feast from White Castle is a breeze. You can do it the old-school style by walking up to the restaurant, placing your order at the counter, and making the payment. But if you're more of a digital person, use their website to choose your nearest location, select your food, and pick it up at the chosen time.

And of course, they do have the convenience of drive-thru and even home delivery. Just click here to kickstart your White Castle home experience.

What About White Castle’s Working Hours?

White Castle almost always has its doors open for you. Most outlets operate round the clock, seven days a week. However, some do have specific operating hours which you can check out on their location link.

How About Food Delivery at White Castle?

Yep, White Castle does offer food delivery via UberEats, Door Dash, Grubhub, and Postmates. Click here to understand more about their delivery process.

Are There Vegetarian Options at White Castle?

Absolutely! White Castle does cater to the green palette - try their 'Veggie Slider' that comes loaded with mouth-watering vegetables and your choice of sauce.

Can I Cook White Castle at Home?

Funny you asked - yes, you can! White Castle has a range of retail products like chicken & cheese sliders, The Original Slider, Breakfast Sliders, and more that you can buy from stores around the US and cook at home. Check out their Grocery page for more information.

My White Castle Experience: Pros and Cons


  • Unique concept of sliders - bite-sized fun!
  • Variety on the menu: from breakfast sliders to fish sliders.
  • Consistent food quality and flavor, no matter where you eat.
  • Affordable dining experience.
  • All day operating hours.


  • Sometimes, the sliders were slightly too greasy.
  • The dine-in experience can get a little noisy sometimes.
  • During peak hours, the service can become slow.

There you have it - my rollercoaster ride at White Castle. All in all, this castle is definitely worth a visit (or several!).

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